BROOKLYN, NY—Officials reported that 103 people were injured when a Long Island Rail Road Train derailed in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Terminal on Wednesday, January 4.

According to reports, the six-car train struck the bumping block at the terminal’s track 6 around 8:30 a.m., during the peak of the morning rush hour. About 430 people were riding on the train, officials reported. The impact of the train going up and over the block caused the first car’s front wheels axle to jump off the rails, MTA chairman Tom Prendergast explained at the scene.

“Obviously the train is supposed to stop short of the bumping block,” said Prendergast. “It did not do that.”

According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it appears the worst injury is a possible broken leg.

Officials explained the train was most likely going slower than the posted speed limit, preparing a stop at the terminal. Many passengers were standing in the cars, ready to depart the train when the derailment happened. Some passengers were seen after the incident with ice packs held to their heads, while some had to be carried away on stretchers.

“This is a relatively minor accident,” Cuomo said. “Luckily … all things considered, this was a relatively minor accident.”

Investigators began investigating the incident, reportedly speaking to the train operator in an attempt to uncover what caused the accident. A customary interview is expected with the conductor and brakeman. 

When asked if the driver was moving too fast, Prendergast, answered, “it’s too early to tell.”

Passengers described the train pulling into the station before hearing a crash and a loud boom. Deputy Assistant Chief Daniel Donoghue stated:

“When we got here a lot of people had fallen because the train actually went through the final bumper and went through a small room in the area at the end of the track. A rail actually pierced the bottom of the train, it was fortunate we didn’t have more severe injuries.”

According to the Federal Rail Road Administration, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) experienced four derailments in 2016. Nine derailments were seen in 2015. Both 2013 and 2014 experienced three LIRR derailments.