SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco has a new tourist attraction in the Millennium Tower which has become popular. The Millennium Tower has been sinking at least 18 inches and is leaning westward. Tourists and locals have been drawn to the building because it’s San Francisco’s very own Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Millennium Tower started tilting back in 2016, and opened its doors in 2009 and it has sunk about 18-inches and tilted close to 14 inches to the west. The owner of the Millennium Tower has face multiple lawsuits from residents who filed a class action lawsuit in 2016. Residents claim that Millennium Partners were aware that the building was sinking, as early as 2008.

San Francisco’s City Attorney, Dennis Herrera sued the building developers in 2016, charging them with defrauding homeowners. In 2017, reports indicated that the building was determined earthquake safe. The series of hearings at San Francisco City Hall commenced shortly after.

A window cracked on the 36th floor of the building in September 2018. The tenant’s attorney stated indicated that the case will go to trial in January 2019 if a settlement is not agreed upon. Rosendin Electric notes on its website, that the Millennium Tower sits 58 stories high and is the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi.