HOLLYWOOD—It is indeed happening, and I cannot express how happy I am to see the battle between Adam Newman and the rest of his family is about to send shockwaves through Genoa City. Yes, Adam returned to town on a fluke, but since regaining his memory, the volatile, conniving and relentless Adam Newman has been doing all in his power to reunite with his son Christian.

Look, I get that Christian was raised by Nick under the presumption that Adam was killed in that cabin fire, but the world knows that to not be true. Adam is alive and if I was a parent, I would move the heavens to reunite with my kid. Nothing would stop me from making that happen, not even family. With that said, Adam has decided to bow out of his custody battle with Nick. Yes, it took Nick, Victoria, Abby, Nikki and Victor by surprise, but there was a caveat.

Adam made it crystal clear that he planned to dismantle the Newman enterprise. I think Adam struck some fear into his family. They were indeed questioning his motives and when Adam makes a threat, he never backs away from it. So the war is about to explode, and with November sweeps fast approaching, my gut tells me that Adam will make good on that threat, and Nick, Abby, Victoria, Nikki and Victor will not see it coming.

Adam also has an ace up his sleeve in Phyllis, who was making inroads with many residents in GC, but has been burned yet again. As a result, she has teamed up with the Devil and plans to help him with his masterplan to seek his revenge. Phyllis has plenty of people on her list including Sharon, Chelsea, Nick, Victor, Victoria, Nikki and so many others. This sounds bad, but I want to see the villains win here for once and knock the perfectionists off their pedestal.

Chloe and Kevin returned to town, but found themselves in handcuffs. Chloe is worried about people seeing her back from the dead, I think notably she is concerned about Chelsea. I mean they used to be besties, but after Chelsea learned what Chloe did to Adam that changed it all. Let’s just say both women have made mistakes and should come to a meeting of the minds.

The person that I still have not quite figured out is Billy. The guy is seriously spiraling with the visions and hidden messages from Delia telling him to take down Adam. If there is anyone who makes a move against Adam, it won’t be his family it will be Billy. He is constantly chewing gum, and I’m wondering if someone has spiked Billy’s gum or something? That would explain why his behavior has been beyond odd lately. He is getting to the point where he is stalking Adam, and with Chelsea and Adam coming to some meeting of the minds, I thought a reconciliation was possible, but nope, because Chelsea consummated her budding relationship with Nick. Oh, that will not make Adam happy when he learns that detail.

Kyle and Lola look to be in living in wedding bliss, but I’m certain that happiness will be short-lived with Theo and Zoe running amuck in GC. Nate and Abby seem to be going strong, but I have a feeling the writers might be pointing the finger at a potential hookup between Nate and Elena. Yes, that Elena, the one who has been responsible for Devon’s rebirth. It would be a huge storyline if you ask me.

Oh, and the biggest surprise is that Michael is the new District Attorney, the concern is what Adam will do once he learns that Chloe and Kevin are no longer his minions. Michael is a power player, but there are people already questioning his reasoning for running for that position, the Newman clan being one of them. Could we see a war brew between Victor and Michael? It certainly appears so America.