SAN FRANCISCO—The National Football League will only have two pre-season games instead of the normal four, according to reports.

The two weeks eliminated for the preseason are Week One and Week Four. The San Francisco 49ers will not play against the Denver Broncos and Los Angles Chargers.

Last year, the 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan expressed he was not in favor of the preseason being four games.

“You absolutely don’t need four preseason games. I’d rather have zero than four, preferably I’d like two. One to evaluate the people trying to make the team and then just one to knock a little rust off,” said Shanahan

The 49ers will host the Las Vegas Raiders on August 21 and travel to Chicago to play the Chicago Bears during their preseason finale game.

Representatives of the National Football League and The San Francisco 49ers have not responded to the San Francisco News for additional comment.