SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco 49ers are set to host their divisional rival the Arizona Cardinals in week 1, on September 13. During week 2 on September 20,  the 49ers are flying to East Rutherford, New Jersey to play the Jets. The 49ers are set to play against the New York Giants in Week 3 on September 27 at the Metlife Stadium.

The 49ers are a part of the National Football Conference Western Division, while the New York Giants are a part of the NFC Eastern Division.

In the past year, the New York Giants finished the 2019 season third in the eastern division with a score of 4-12. The 49ers finished the season in first place with a record of 13-3.

The two teams have met eight times in the playoffs including two National Football Conference Championship Games since 1982.

The New York Giants suffered 4 total injuries during the 2019 season. According to CBS Sports, Nick Becton suffered an injury to his ankle, Jeremiah Harris’s injury has was ruled as undisclosed and both Ryan Connelly and Chris Peace suffered knee injuries.

In addition, San Francisco had a total of 16 injuries during the 2019 season. Seven players had injuries that were knee related, two foot injuries and one of each injury: wrist, quadriceps, ankle, calf and biceps. With one undisclosed injury.

The 49ers dominated with their offense and finished second in the league scoring 479 points, the most for the franchise since 1998. They scored second in rushing yards with 144 yards per game and first in rushing with 23 touchdowns and third in point differential.

The New York Giants offense ranked 18th out of the league scoring 451 points, and scored 30th out of 32 in the league for defense.