HELLO AMERICA!—“America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon is letting the film industry know that he is tired of slavery films. “We have come a long way since then,” he insists. “Black people are more diversified on every human level possible and to continue producing stories of a time when we were always singing in the cotton field looking lost with tears in our eyes is untrue.” There are millions of articulate people of color who have achieved extraordinary things in science, architecture, engineering, art, music, education as well as on the political scene he reminds proudly.

Cannon doesn’t artistically put down motion pictures that have garnered outstanding critical notice as art, but strongly contend there are thousands of stories, human stories which would inspire people universally not only to a specific group. “The challenge to achieve or survive in a time when the competition is exceedingly tough on every front touches everybody’s ability being ready. It depends on how you play it, make people feel that you’re special, somehow connect with their heart and soul. This is what I’ve observed while hosting the America’s Got Talent show.”

Sadly, Cannon offers that many Americans actually believe that “color” makes a difference how one exists in the world. “And that’s ridicules,” he says. “We all experience our hearts being broken, broken marriages, being poor, lost, lonely and feeling overwhelmed when accomplishing something special.

We also feel hate, resentment, all of it because there’s one thing we have in common, that is being human!” Nick acknowledges that he has learned so much more about human beings since hosting the popular talent show. “I’ve been aware of the kind of hunger which invades every part of a person when they possess that special need or desire to win. And when they hear how an audience accepts what they do, there is nothing to compare the look or attitude they have when exiting the stage. Of course, you are made quite aware of the other side as well when an audience doesn’t respond kindly. However, that’s good too because they get a good taste of life, a reality check which we all are face with in our everyday efforts.”

This is why he hopes Hollywood film producers are wise enough to introduce more honest, human stories which include not just a certain section of the country or world but explore stories on a universal plane even though the language might be different or the music might have a different rhythm or color. “It’s all the same really,” Canon seriously believes. “When something connects with your soul, heart, emotionally, one experience a symphony of understanding which is powerful and deep. The applause confirms it!”