HOLLYWOOD—Well, the surprises just keep on coming on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Two faces from the past returned last week with major impacts on some hot button storylines. First, Arianne Zucker returned as Nicole Walker. Yes, Nicole was forced out of Salem by Brady when he discovered her role in Deimos demise. Brady finally faced the music when Eric learned the truth and put a major beating on his brother.

Eric was fueled with rage and it looks like his relationship with Jennifer is so over (no love lost there if you ask me). His search for Nicole led him to an interesting place, Maggie Horton. Yes, Maggie and Victor are thick, as thieves, they both knew about Nicole’s whereabouts, but Victor was aware of Brady’s mischievous deed. Victor I get that you love your grandson, but how can I say this best: Brady is a bit of a pompous you know what and needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Eric came face-to-face with Nicole who was stunned to see the one true love of her love at her door step in Nashville. FYI this is vital because we all know that Maggie’s daughter Sarah is returning to Salem in coming weeks. Nicole did her best to push Eric away, but he was not budging one bit America and cue the shock of the week. Xander was holding something big over Nicole; he knows her role in Deimos demise and was using that information against her. Yes, Xander and Nicole are married and Nicole has to play by his rules otherwise she could lose Holly forever.

I mean Nicole Walker has been dealt a bed set of cards for as long as I can remember, but somehow this woman seems overcome every obstacle thrown her way. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does indeed happen. So let’s return the conversation back to Xander because he was the second shooter at John and Marlena’s wedding. Yes, Sami did not shoot Marlena who awakened from her coma. So much for Kristen’s plan to take out her rival. Xander was the person who fired that shot at Marlena, but he was actually aiming for Eric. I have the slightest idea why Xander hates Eric so much, but I think it all goes back to Nicole; Xander wants her, but Nicole wants nothing to do with him.

John, Sami and Marlena all know the truth and with surveillance footage they know that Xander was the culprit and police are searching for him. Wait one second because there is more. Xander is I cahoots with Kristen, who just got her wish: Brady slept with her. Yeah, Eve and Brady are so over, but it looks like Brady is wooing Kristen to see what she is up to. We know this woman hates betrayal so I can only imagine what she will do when she learns what he has been up to.

The other bombshell return of the week was Mimi Lockhart aka Bonnie’s daughter. Damn, I recall how vicious Mimi was years ago on the soap. She really had a hatred for Chloe and it looks like that rivalry is about to be ignited in a major way. Why? Bonnie does not have Lucas’ baby, that is Mimi’s daughter and she is livid at her mother with her latest stunt.

Too bad there is NOT much Mimi can do because if she blabs Bonnie has made it crystal clear she will throw her daughter to the wolves for murdering her father. Yes, Bonnie took the fall to protect her daughter. I’m more interested to find out who is the father of Mimi’s daughter because I know with 2000 percent that Lucas did not sleep with Mimi, so this will be fun to watch as it unfolds, but we do know that Lucas is linked to the father of her baby in some fashion.

We have to talk about this love triangle involving Gabi, Chad and Abigail. Gabi is really raising the stakes to sock it to Stefan and Abigail. I mean she has placed fake wigs and she is causing Abigail to spiral and not in a good way. Stefan warned Abigail that Gabi might be trying to set her up, but she doesn’t want to believe her BFF would do such a thing, open those blinders Abigail because your pal has nothing but hatred for you. Making the situation worse is that Chad is starting to suspect that Abigail’s alters have returned, as well as Jennifer and J.J. Is it bad for me to mention I want to see Gabi get away with this after the torture that Abigail’s alters put her through? I think I want to see Stefan get his comeuppance more than Abigail because the guy is a devious fiend and it’s long overdue.

“Days of Our Lives” have unleashed plenty of stunners for audiences, but the one stunner we are waiting for more than anything is the revelation of rather EJ Dimera is truly alive, but more so who will portray the iconic character. We’ve already been teased images, it’s just a waiting game know and “Days” better not disappoint fans.