HOLLYWOOD─Well the wait is over people, at least for the third daytime soap still remaining on television. Nicole got the confirmation she needed regarding Mackenzie being Kristen and Brady’s daughter, and not Sarah and Eric’s. I’m not a fan of the baby swap storyline because we’ve seen it done so many times, that it rarely delivers a surprise. I would argue if I’m comparing “Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” the later delivered the best narrative in my opinion with ripple effects that were last-longing and more gripping.

However, that is a column for another day. Nicole, knowing she lost Eric once after lying about him being the father of Mackenzie, could not travel down that road again, and told Eric the truth. He was devastated, flabbergasted and just torn. A daughter that he missed so much time with, one that he attempted to bond with after learning the truth, is not his child, but his brother’s. Yeah, that is a very difficult pill to swallow people, but Eric took it in with pride, but then came the difficult part: telling Sarah the truth.

Yeah, Victor and Xander did a dirty deed. While for the right reasons, the aftermath of the truth coming to light had more earthquakes than expected. Sarah was preparing for her big wedding day to Xander, who was also with glee knowing he finally won the girl he had been after. The problem: Nicole and Eric knew the truth and the wedding that everyone thought was going to happen, blew up in flames as Eric delivered a punch to Xander, and Sarah learned that Mackenzie was NOT her daughter.

To say Sarah was a mess when the truth came out was an understatement and the emotional downfall of Xander and Victor’s lie will place her in a complicated headspace for a very long-time to come. Will she recover, probably, but considering Eric is taken, she’ll be livid at Xander, who would have guessed (no surprise) that Rex will return to town right when Sarah needs him the most people.

Brady and Kristen get their miracle child, but I’m still baffled how Kristen got away with causing Haley Chen’s death. Do the writer’s ever plan to explain how that transpired in the time jump? In other Salem news, Marlena was rescued from the clutches of Stefano DiMera, shall I say Steve! He was finally captured and is under surgery by Kayla of all people to remove that microchip that was controlling his antics. I must say this storyline was a major bust, it never delivered in the way that I think the writers had intended. It lacked intensity, it lacked interest, it just seemed silly in my opinion, and not plausible in the least way possible.

I know plenty of people want to talk more about what’s going on in Salem, but right now it’s all about the baby swap storyline. I mean the ONLY other tale worth discussing is what fans have known about for weeks: Stefan O. DiMera is coming back to town. Gabi has been sensing her hubby who was pushing her on a path of decency is not gone, and she finally got a glimpse this week with a reflection of Stefan that proves it’s not all in his head.

So the question everyone will want to know is HOW Stefan survived after donating his heart to Julie of all people. Where has he been all this time and whose heart does Julie have pumping inside her? I thought Adrienne, but that makes no sense because Julie already had her heart before Adrienne died. So the writers better deliver a convincing tale for viewers to make us believe whatever they attempt to sell to us.

The great thing about “Days of Our Lives” and its filming schedule is that they film months in advance, so we have plenty of content to take us past May sweeps, so I expect plenty of surprises, especially since that teaser revealed Leo and a very familiar face in Daniel returning to Salem.