HOLLYWOOD—This is really a brutal storyline taking place on the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” The writers are really delivering with this material involving the baby swap, supposed death and a close friend, but in this case a former lover in Eric Brady raising his and Nicole’s son without knowing the truth. The last time we chatted, Dimitri stole Nicole’s baby and passed if off to Sloan and Melinda for Sloan to adopt and raise as her own.

Lots and I mean lots of aftermath as a result of this move, with Nicole just devastated with the loss and pushing everyone beyond Eric Brady away. EJ is grieving the loss of his son as well, and it feels like he is being pushed to the side. If anything, he has Chad and Johnny showing their compassion to him, but I feel like a dark side of him is about to emerge that will not be tamed anytime soon.

He already delivered the nail in the coffin to Gabi after Li was murdered and she played a role in him losing his top position at the family company. Now, he has another person he has been looking to exact a bit of revenge on, Ava. Yes, Ava just killed Gil, Clyde’s right-hand man in self-defense. It has resulted in Harris having to protect his new love interest, but it gives EJ another opportunity to get a bit of justice against Ava after all the wicked crimes he has gotten away with in the past 18 months.

Must say, I hate when villains get reformed to the point where people consider them good guys or good gals. People are villains for a reason and that is why we like them. With that said, Melinda paid off Dr. Pierce to tell Nicole and EJ that their baby was mistakenly cremated which sent the parents into an outrage. There has been fantastic acting in the past few days on the soap opera. However, Sloan better get prepared for all hell to break loose when the truth comes out. She is feeling guilty, but she has refused to tell the truth to Eric and Nicole about what really happened to their son.

The walls are indeed starting to close in on Sloan, with Leo noting she has to get him off, and Dimitri threatening to sing like a canary if she doesn’t pay him big bucks. You can only keep a secret of this magnitude for so long before it blows up in your face. Nicole got her hands on Eric’s ‘baby’ and immediately connected with the child realizing it was his. The problem is no one believes her. EJ thinks she’s grieving, Eric also feels the same, but Nicole’s intuition is spot on and you better believe she is not going to let this go until she gets to the truth of the matter.

Konstantin and Theresa are playing with some dangerous fire. Konstantin is so desperate to get enraptured with Maggie that he staged a coup in kidnapping, Victoria, Xander and Sarah’s daughter, only to play hero to get Sarah to trust him more. That is quite the wicked move to say the least, with Sarah and Xander panicking as a result, but ending their custody battle as well. Xander and Sarah are getting closer again as a result and I am pleased to see it.

The one problem in Konstantin’s plan is Theresa, who is just messy. She had to kidnap the child and Brady is starting to suspect his former flame is up to her wicked ways all over again. He spied her having a conversation with Konstantin unaware of exactly what was taking place. Yes, both are in cahoots of making Alex the long-lost son of Victor Kiriakis, when in reality it is actually Xander. Alex and Theresa are still treading lightly about whether it’s lust or romance as their business partnership might be muddying the waters. John and Steve are onto the fact that Konstantin is up to no good people, and Steve in particular is closer to the truth than John. Steve knows something is off about this guy, while John is trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and for what?

Chad, as I noted is jealous that Stephanie is getting attention from her ex Everett who is looking to stick around in Salem. Chad doesn’t like that and the cracks in his relationship with Stephanie are growing by the minute as he continues to lie. For starters, he is wooing Gwen behind the scenes to purchase her half of The Spectator so he can make the move to eliminate Everett as a threat.

Chad, you’re simply proving to Stephanie that you are that guy who everyone is claiming you to be; you’re a DiMera, blood and all and it is showing with this battle with Everett. Chad has always had a devious side, but Abigail was able to tame that side of her hubby when she was alive. The good guy persona is slowly vanishing for Chad people. Holly is wooing Tate to help her breakup Johnny and Chanel, even though Tate gets nothing in return, and many players in Salem are finding themselves entangled with villains like Dimitri, Leo, Theresa, Konstantin and I have to add Chad to the list people.