HOLLYWOOD─I am so happy that the writers at “General Hospital” have finally dropped the bomb about Nikolas Cassadine being alive to the rest of the citizens of Port Charles. I mean, we first learned about his survival in October and it was revealed at the start of January. You don’t have to drag out a story to keep the audience tuning in. Let a potential reveal linger, but not to the point where the viewers no longer care by the time it’s actually revealed to the characters.

Um, I’m referring to the Wiley is Jonah bombshell that is still dragging after what seems like 2 years America. When that truth inevitably comes out I don’t think I will even care. Back to the big tale of the hour, a wedding never goes off happily ever-after on “GH,” unless you’re Luke and Laura. Valentin thought his big day would go off without a hitch, but was he in for a surprise. First, he knew Ava had leverage on him and he was planning to neutralize her antics. How so? He tossed her into the cold waters near the Cassadine mansion. Yeah, Ava looked like a goner, but she had a knight in shining armor in Nikolas, who pulled her from the murky waters. The duo crashed the wedding right as the vows were about to be exchanged.

Cue the gasps in the room. Laura was stunned to see her dead son in the flesh, Nina was speechless, Valentin horrified, and does anyone else even matter? It was the aftermath that mattered more. We got to see Laura reunite with her son in a touching moment, only to blast him after discovering his true deception. Valentin for once got his comeuppance, but we all know it will be short-lived. I must say, Valentin is one hell of a daytime TV villain that you love to hate, that’s a great thing. In the midst of the codicil coming to light, Valentin knew the walls were closing in and kidnapped Charlotte. Cornered, it was Anna of all people who convinced him to do the right thing, while urging him to work on his masterplan to get out of his dicey situation.

This was “General Hospital” America at its utter best, as rivalries that were placed in the past, resurfaced yet again as Lulu and Valentin battled over custody of Charlotte. Poor little girl she was on cloud nine with her parents getting married, but that is not happening anymore. There is other chaos in Port Charles people. Particularly, involving Sam and Jason, whose relationship will be tested in ways you cannot expect. Her new patrol officer has made it clear she cannot have contact with Jason who is a felon. If she does she’ll be tossed in the slammer. Here is the one thing that always annoys me about Sam McCall: she whines so much.

Look, you’ve been in jail for weeks, you got a get out of jail free card, you can spend some time away from Jason and focus on your kids so you don’t get placed back in the slammer. You would think these two would be focusing on ways to find out who framed her, but that seems to be a directive for Anna and Finn. Anna knows Peter is up to know good, Finn is trying to convince her to do what is best, but when blood is thrown into the mix that changes it all people, but I sense this tale heating up with February right around the corner. Peter will be exposed, Maxie will be stunned, and Jason and Sam will be out for blood.

We started the conversation about Nikolas being revealed, but that was only the beginning of the tale, as Ava dropped a bomb on Laura, Kevin and Lulu: she and Nikolas are getting married. Hmm, I think this was part of the agreement for Nikolas to get his hands on the codicil. The devious duo tied the knot, but I sense Nikolas has even sinister plans in play, the guy can be relentless to get what he wants and not even Ava Jerome can stop him.