HOLLYWOOD—I knew the moment that announcement was made that Donna Mills was returning to the canvas of “General Hospital” that it had something to do with Nina. For what seems like years now, we’ve been teased at the possibility that the child Nina suspected that she lost while in a coma for close to 20 years is actually ALIVE! How do we know? Valentin, who is easily becoming my second favorite villain that I love to hate (Bill Spencer from “B&B” remains number 1), needs to make inroads with Nina and he did that by visiting her wicked mother Madeline in prison.

Nina wants a divorce and she is very serious about it, I mean Valentin put the wheels in motion that led to Cesar Faison returning to town and claiming Nathan’s life. If there was ever a way for Valentin to get back into his wife’s good graces, not only is the news of her daughter being alive a start, but actually finding her would be the icing on the cake. There is one slight problem; I’m hoping the writers don’t drag this story longer than it has to be. Its August now, I would hope by at least November if Nina is not reunited with her daughter, the audience at least has an idea of who the daughter could be. She might learn much sooner what is going on now that Valentin has hired Curtis (of all people) to locate Nina’s child. The big question I want answered is rather Curtis will share this secret with Nina or keep it under wraps until he can locate her daughter?

Rumors have been running rampant for years that Kiki is actually Nina’s daughter and perhaps Ava was involved in some shady business. Kiki fits the age range, but I just don’t buy Kiki as her daughter simply because Ava has never hinted about it. Also it would be difficult for me to buy suddenly because Kiki and Ava are on the outs, this twist would come up. It just wouldn’t fit the bill for me. However, I do think I have an idea of who her daughter could be. Are you ready?

Margaux Watson! Listen to me first, Margaux suddenly arrives in Port Charles, she has an agenda where she wants to nail Sonny, but her past is squeaky clean. Drew who has sparked a relationship to a degree with Margaux, asked Curtis to do some digging, but he couldn’t find anything on this woman: that SCREAMS SECRET! Nina is slightly older than Margaux, and while not quite in her 20s, the writers can make adjustments. I have to believe that Nina’s daughter has to be someone already in Port Charles or who was previously on the canvas and could easily return in the near future.

The big question that is peaking my interest is rather Valentin will leak this news to Nina or wait until he has located her daughter before dropping the reveal? Time will indeed tell. Speaking of babies, this whole fiasco involving Lucas, Brad, Michael, Nelle and their children is an utter mess. Brad under extreme stress confessed to Julian that Wiley is not the birth mom’s child; that baby actually died. However, Julian has not connected the dots that Brad got the baby from Nelle and that Michael’s son Jonah is very much alive. Julian is doing his own shenanigans by sneaking into Diane’s office and taking photos of the ‘adoptive mother’s’ paperwork. That gave him enough information to reach out to her via phone in hopes of bartering a deal to protect his son and Brad.

Brad doesn’t seem the bit concerned about Michael’s grief, but it’s apparent that Lucas is concerned about his lover. However, I wonder what the hell will happen when the truth about the baby switch comes to light. Brad is going to be in major trouble and the fallout from this revelation could deliver some terrific acting on multiple fronts. We know Kevin’s murderous, psychotic twin Ryan is on the loose in Port Charles, but this Nina twist has me hooked, because when the identity is revealed, it better be one hell of a game changer that forces people to realize “General Hospital” is not messing around when it comes to stellar storytelling.