HOLLYWOOD—I’m trying to pinpoint exactly where I should start when discussing the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I will admit, I am still not a fan of watching the soap on the Peacock app, but times are indeed changing and you can watch daily episodes much earlier than normal. Let’s start our discussion with EJ DiMera. The guy is indeed a villain and it appears that he might have made one too many enemies. For starters, Ava is stalking him in a creepy clown getup, which was soon followed by Chad hoping to prank his brother.

EJ wanted to get Chad back at DiMera, but he refused considering that he has a new position working with Stephanie Johnson. Chad and Stephanie have strong chemistry that I love seeing, but Alex is starting to perk up with things people. How so? He saved Stephanie from a dicey situation involving Sloan and her client who was blackmailing Paulina Price. Sloan has been playing bedroom antics with Alex, who used his moment to score a date with Stephanie who was thankful for the assist. Something is burgeoning here people and I like it.

Dare I say it? I’m over Paulina Price, I’d be happy with her vacating Salem and she can take Chanel with her. Are Chanel and Allie cute together? Yes, but the narrative is just not intriguing people. I guess this secret from Chanel’s past where she was embroiled in some potential murder might stump up Paulina in her push to run for Governor which is just dumb if we’re being completely honest people. EJ needs to be worried about Stefan realizing that his brother played him to get his hooks into the family business, utilizing Li who erased his love for Gabi. I was so happy Gabi got the truth out of Dr. Rolf, who later eliminated her memory of the bombshell reveal about Stefan so she’s back in the dark.

Stefan and Chloe are bonding, just as Li and Gabi are somewhat on the rocks. Gabi is happy, but her heart still belongs to Stefan who signed the divorce papers, but not without a lot of hesitation. I didn’t really love the Chloe and Stefan pairing, but it is what it is people, so we just have to deal with it. Brady realized Kristen will do anything to have her happily ever after. So much to the point the tension has built where Rachel is aware her parents do not love one another. John was able to connect the dots and realize that Kristen is indeed blackmailing Brady into this romance in order to ensure he gets the rest of those antidotes for Marlena, Kayla and Kate.

Yeah, Kristen has finally torched her relationship with Brady for good. He will never love that woman, the only way she can make that happen is if she brainwashes him so good luck on that. Let’s talk about Li Shin for a moment because he thinks he has things controlled, but he is not aware that his sister Wendy who is bonding with Johnny is about to become a major problem. Wendy is a coder, her brother promised her a job and Johnny is planning to use that to his advantage to strike at his father where it hurts most: business.

I like this pairing of Johnny and Wendy there is chemistry there and it means we don’t have to worry about him focusing on Chanel who is unavailable. Wow, look at Sonny getting confirmation from Allie that Alex slept with Chanel and Allie in a wild threesome, as he battles the realization that is marriage to Will is indeed in dire straits. Yeah, even Alex could see these two are drifting apart, but could a compromise soon transpire. Perhaps, but with Will being so far from Salem I just don’t see how.

Nicole and Rafe are reaching some sort of amicable state of mind in regards to their marriage, even to the point that Nicole fired Eric from photoshoots. In addition, Eric is bonding back with Jada as I suspect is pregnant and we should expect that bomb reveal to come any day now.  Back to Ava, she is about to use cash strapped Xander to stick-it to EJ by kidnapping Susan who has warned her son he’s in serious danger. Yeah, kidnapping Susan is not a smart idea Ava, EJ might tolerate a lot, but when you threaten his family that is indeed crossing the line and not in a good way.

Xander might be traveling down that dark path yet again, just as Leo seems to be sticking around Salem after scoring a job with Paulina and I’m worried about a Leo and Sonny possible romance brewing “DOOL” fans. Could it happen? It is starting to seem more likely.