Officer Corruption Trial Concludes


SAN FRANCISCO—Facing charges of civil rights violations, one San Francisco police officer was convicted and one was acquitted on Thursday, January 22 during a federal court hearing.

Officer Richard Yick was acquitted and Arshad Razzak was convicted of all charges in a Federal hearing.

Richard Yick, 38, and Arshad Razzak, 42, were accused of unlawfully entering a hotel room without a search warrant while performing a drug investigation.

Just before 12 p.m., Yick was acquitted of all charges in the court of U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg. Razzak was convicted of all four charges against him, which included, conspiring to violate civil rights through illegal police searches and entries of single-occupancy hotel rooms on December 23, 2010. He altered an informant’s pay slip and the police report detailing the investigation.

Razzak will officially be sentenced by Judge Seeborg on April 28, 2015.