SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, August 14, the local café and organic grocery store, Douglas, announced via social media that the store will be closed at the end of August.

Douglas is located in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. It is known for serving  home-ready meals from restaurants in the city to their patrons. The announcement notes that Douglas has already provided more than 5,000 restaurant meals since the mid of March. During the coronavirus pandemic, they launched online services to serve food for their customers.

“You’ve ordered over 5,000 restaurant meals since the end of March, helping keep kitchen teams employed,” reads the statement.

According to the announcement, Michael Molesky, the proprietor of Douglas made the decision to close their store due to the loss of rental lease.

“After extensive negotiations, we’ve been unable to find a sustainable arrangement with our landlord that would allow us to weather current conditions and make investments for the longer term,” reads a statement from Douglas’ Instagram.

Molesky and his team are looking for a place to relocate Douglas. He wishes the new place not to be far away from the neighborhood.

To maintain serving to the community, Douglas Molesky, and the business co-founder, Maggie Spicer decided to continue their “restaurant meal program” which is named “BENNE.” They will be opening pickup locations for restaurant meals in the Noe Valley neighborhood and beyond.