SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, August 17, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) announced via social media they are planning on reopening the Boarding Area A on Tuesday, September 1. They uploaded a statement with details on their website.

The Boarding Area A is home for Gates A1-A15. The gates have been closed since April 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic and reduced flights. The statement notes that the purpose of reopening the International Concourse A is to accommodate the continuing return of international flights and services at the airport.

According to the statement, after reopening Boarding Area A, the security checkpoint and Customer & Border Protection facilities for Gates A1-A15 will be re-operating at the same time.

SFO also mentions in the statement that SFO Medical Clinic, Grand Hyatt at SFO, and International Parking garage A have been maintained open since April 1.

During the closure of Boarding Area A, the SFO staff has been working on many projects in the area, that includes:

-Set up the social distance markings
-Repair interior surfaces
-Replace of lamps with LED to reduce energy use
-Inspection and repair doors
-Inspection and repair fire alarms
-Repainting the marking on tarmac
-Replace heating, ventilation and air conditioning filters

For more details on reopening Boarding Area in SFO, visit the SFO’s website.