SAN FRANCISCO—The owner of the San Francisco hair salon that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited on August 31 has said the viral video has lead to her receiving death threats.

On September 2, the salon owner, Erica Kious, appeared on Fox News’ “The Tucker Carlson Show” for an interview, and told Carlson that the aftermath of the viral video led to her “receiving death threats.”

“The hard part of all of this is I have been in that community for 12 years, and since this happened, I’ve received nothing but hate, text messages, death threats. My Yelp page is just unbelievable with bad reviews. It’s just sad that my community is pulling this…saying that I threw her under the bus when I didn’t,” Kious said.

During the show, Kious also refuted Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Kious set her up for taking off her mask, saying that was “A slap in the face.”

“It’s the fact that she [Pelosi] actually came in and didn’t have a mask on. And I thought about, you know, my staff and people not being able to work and provide for their families. If she’s in there comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down? Why are we not able to have clients come in? So it’s been… It’s been hard”, Kious told Carlson.

When asked whether she still is planning on staying open for business in San Francisco, Kious responded “I don’t think so… I think I’m pretty much done now.”