FLORIDA—Only in America can a mass killing spree become a political protest. Watching the kids who are just a few months or years from being adults, enjoying their 15 minutes of fame on national television pointing the finger, “but we are the kids you are the adults, do something!”

I agree the adults should do something. They should stop teaching kids to hate and to protest and they should start teaching kids to mind your manners and be a good neighbor and take responsibility for their bad behavior. They should be taking away that PS4 and that Xbox One and not allowing kids to sit in front of these game boxes watching virtual murder on a daily basis. They should take away your cell phones and your social media until you know how to include all your classmates. They should teach you how to accept accountability and be responsible for your actions. But most importantly… they should teach you not bully your classmate until he finds the only way to be heard is to kill 17 people.

Students… You do something! Stop passing on the hate.

Every person that ignored Nikolas Cruz, bullied him, refused to eat lunch with him, every parent that knew about it and did nothing, you are the ones that pulled the trigger. The guns don’t kill on their own. They are powered by hate and anger.

Sure, stricter gun laws wouldn’t be a bad thing. However, did his individual care to follow the laws when he woke up and decided to kill 17 people that day? We already have a law in place that you are not allowed to kill, but that didn’t stop him. How will gun laws stop the same person from using that gun to kill?

Even if you wiped every gun off the face of the Earth, hate kills. Perhaps, it would be a knife or a bomb where you wouldn’t have a chance of survival.

Student David Hogg is capitalizing on this horrible crime, hitting all the major networks to lecture everyone about how this needs to stop. He has become the recent poster boy for gun laws. He’s a supposed victim, he witnessed a bad thing happened. He spews out things like “This is our 18th school shooting this year, which is a lie perpetuated by Bernie Sanders”.

Does he even know what he’s talking about? No, he doesn’t, that is why he is here being coached by someone and rehearsing lines on what to say. He doesn’t appear to be a shocked grieving student. He appears to be someone trying to gain a career and notoriety, which is bothersome, to say the least.

Who is responsible for this human being to want to kill? Is it the parents, the class mates, the teachers? Who created this monster. All the gun laws in the world won’t take away the hate from a person.

David Hogg knows very little about politics and responsibility. Of course its easy for someone to be a victim and point the finger at laws and gun control, but what about the hate that you all helped create in this classmate of yours with a disability. What did you do to help him feel accepted and wanted?

While watching students talk about how they have a gazebo where all the unpopular kids eat lunch. The shooter wasn’t even allowed in that area. He was an outcast from the outcasts.

We’re in the year 2018, where we have no-bully campaigns on nearly every campus. We have people saying not to bully because it leads to suicide. Even though it seems to be mostly supported by the LGBTQ community, it is still there. Why are kids being outcasted in school? Why are they being bullied?

There has to be some level responsibility pointed to those kids that picked fights with Nikolas Cruz and helped perpetuate and build the hate in this 19 year-old person with autism. Why do we not tell these kids that this shooting is partially their fault?

Stop protesting against laws and adults, start taking a stand against your own peers. After all, how would you feel if you were continually told you are not accepted and not wanted? What about welcoming the outcasts to sit with you at lunch time and when he shows you his Instagram page full of guns you say “Hey dude that is totally not acceptable.” If he continues with such rhetoric,you report him to authorities.

Kids you are not the victims, you have power. The power of love is stronger than any gun law.