HOLLYWOOD—Things culminated last week on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” with Candace and Quita getting into an epic brawl. This week’s episode, ‘Every Six Months’ saw more shady dealings come to light and blow up in epic fashion. Candace found herself in an interrogation room with George who was seeking more information about the death of Quincy Maxwell. Well, George is ready to play puppet master, and wanted to utilize Jeffrey Harrington against Candace. Well, they are pals, but is Jeffrey willing to sell out her bestie to save himself? Now this is interesting, Jeffrey and Candace in a room together, who will say what?

Candace and Jeffrey played into the authorities’ hands by not revealing anything they can use against them. This started to leave Jeffrey wondering what deal Candace and Veronica bartered so that she did not turn her in. Jeffrey snapped and unleashed a bit of rage. Jeffrey made threats, and Candace made threats as well. I never thought I would see the day where these two pals would be at each other’s throats. David was surprised to learn Veronica is working alongside Candace, and he attempted to force Candace to have a bit of compassion for his son.

When Candace posed questions about David’s relationship with Oscar, she made it clear she wanted revenge for David’s plan which cost her millions. She’s right, you reap what you sew David. Once again, Landon continues to swoon over Charles, who seems to be getting a clue, but the buzzer hasn’t exploded yet in his head. Derek and Hanna are getting cozy people and that is indeed a good sign, as their first date has been set. Katheryn did her best to ‘act’ as she wasn’t snooping, but Hanna spotted her from a mile away.

Another interesting development, as Quita found herself getting out of jail, but Oscar wanted Wyatt’s stolen debit card. She was defensive, and noted that Wyatt had an account off shore. Looks like Oscar has his hands in too many cookie jars, buying off cops, working with David and Jim, he should be aware Candace is still out for blood. David had a conversation with Veronica about having Jeffrey arrested for murder. Bit of a stretch Veronica, David did not have you run off the road that was all Justin’s doing on his own. Wyatt fell right into Oscar’s hands wanting to file a police report in person, but Oscar scrambled realizing Wyatt is NOT as stupid as he suspects. Go Wyatt!

Ugh, I cannot believe Benny is serious about going thru with asking Mitch’s family for a loan, but its apparent even Mitch’s family is trying to save Benny from making a big mistake. However, when Mitch revealed Candace and her connection to War, his uncle Vic perked up. The fact that a $40k loan is about to turn into a $60k payback and blood money that Benny may soon regret America. Erica was surprised to see Candace stop by David’s new home. Candace had a change of plans and warned Erica to back-off on stealing those funds from David. Candace is looking to ruin David’s life, not just cause a little bit of misery.

Wyatt arrived at the police station to file his report, just as Oscar seemed to be doing a bit of schmoozing to gather some details. Unfortunately, he didn’t know this officer was someone who happened to be in Oscar’s pocket. Oh, Jim the day that you fall will be the best thing ever. Sarah delivered some vital evidence to Jim regarding his case, and it appears that Jim is so full of himself right now, but no one stays on top forever. The Ice Queen finally delivered a bit of truth to Melissa about her attitude and antics, but Benny’s arrival prevented any further friction between the ladies. I love that Melissa has gotten her sass back, it’s hilarious!

Veronica is looking to blackmail Benny to get what she wants; even though she knows Jeffrey didn’t say a thing to the police. This allowed Veronica to make her advances on Benny who was not able to resist temptation, but who ever expected DAVID of all people to stop by unexpectedly. Melissa was ecstatic about getting the opportunity to bust her nemesis in bed with Benny.

Looks like the chaos is really ramping up now, with Benny and David going to war, Candace and Veronica trading spars, and David making threats against Hanna, whew! David we know you love Jeffrey, but you have no idea to the lengths that Hanna will go to protect her kids. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “HAHN” die-hards!