UNITED STATES—One of the biggest draws of the Internet nowadays is a site that you may be quite familiar with: YouTube.  This site is responsible for having some of the most outrageous content as well as videos that can take up a person’s entire day.  You may search YouTube for one video, but before you know it you’re spending countless hours on the internet staple.  It’s so popular it’s a staple feature nowadays on most cell phones, tablets and computers.

There were a few rumblings this week in the news arena that YouTube may be looking to charge users a fee for watching videos on the popular site. Those who are quite savvy with the Internet titan are well aware that the site contains YouTube Channels.  Channels dedicated to particular content that can be viewed, that appears to be the potential avenue where that fee may come into play, if it is indeed implemented.  Rather the consumer is willing to fork over extra dollars for that content has yet to be determined, but that is the question.

Would you pay to view content on YouTube?  In my personal opinion no, but I’m certain there are quite a few individuals out there who would.  Some look at the argument that YouTube has been around for years and to start charging a fee for content would be unfair, but we do live in a capitalist nation where making money is important.

Anyway that one can earn a few extra bucks to charge for a particular product or service will indeed happen.  I mean the cost of cable back in the early 80s was so affordable to what it is now.  You’re paying for content most of the time that you don’t even view.  In my opinion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to select the cable channels you want to watch and eliminate those that you don’t.

While the Internet isn’t set-up that way, it would be a clever idea in my opinion.  It makes logical sense for YouTube, to consider such a policy; charging a fee to view specific content on the site, and I do see some people willing to pay that fee if it’s for the right content. I mean there isn’t a video that can’t be found on YouTube.  If you want to view content of celebrity run-ins with the law, movie trailers, TV shows, singing sensations, unbelievable accomplishments, and memorable moments in the nation: all of this content is available on the site.

The Internet would not be the Internet without YouTube.  It’s something that is synonymous with bridging the gap between the younger generation and the older generation.  Do I think the pay to watch fee will be implemented? In due time, yes.  Who knows, the revenue brought in from that may help the site provide even more content to the social networking medium.

By Trevor Roberts