UNITED STATES—Can you believe it America? We are less than 3 weeks away from the General Election and I cannot wait until November 4. Why? I will not have to see these pesky political ads anymore America. With that said, early voting has already started in many states and it has raised some major concerns for some Americans. I have seen footage and video of people waiting in line for hours, and I mean hours to cast their vote.

This is just beyond troubling and unbelievable that in 2020 people in some states like Texas and Georgia are waiting in line 10 plus hours to cast their ballot. Look there is a lot of stuff out there about people trying to rig the election or prevent people from casting their ballot and voting. It is disheartening because for decades, centuries, certain individuals were NOT allowed to vote because of their sex and race. Yeah, America that was a thing, where Blacks and women did not have the right to vote, but laws and constitutional amendments were put into place allowing those individuals the right to vote.

Nothing annoys me more when someone attempts to intimidate or halt someone from voting. I dare some to attempt to intimidate me or threaten me if I vote. Let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty or tolerated. If you’re registered to vote, you have the right to vote, it is that simple. Removing ballot boxes or limiting polling stations will not stop people from heading to the polls to vote. I recall the first time I voted which was at the start of a new century; it was the best feeling ever. While the result was NOT what I expected, I’m still happy I voted. Ever since, each time I think about not voting, I harken back to my grandparents and my great-great grandparents and how they were NOT allowed to vote.

It would be a slap in their face if I did not vote and because of that it encourages me that much more to ensure I vote, rain or shine. Look, it’s just a bit of rain. I mean people were beaten by cops, sprayed with water from fire hoses, bitten by dogs; I don’t have to worry about any of those things, so I have no excuse whatsoever to cast my ballot. Get your ass up and head to the poll. Yeah, Election Day should be a national holiday to not only encourage voting, but to prevent people from being placed in situations where he or she are unable to vote because of work obligations and such.

I mean really 10 hours in line to cast a ballot for president, state and local elections? That is beyond crazy and just unfathomable to hear that. Politicians in those states where those things are transpiring should be ashamed and I mean ashamed by what is taking place. If you are trying to suppress the vote, you will have to answer to a higher power and your judgement day will come and it will not be roses and butterflies like you think. I thought the 2008 presidential election was unlike anything I’ve ever seen where I waited nearly 3-4 hours to cast a ballot for President of the United States.

Something tells me 2020 will see a record turnout of people who cast their ballot to vote. I don’t know why, but there is a gut feeling that I cannot explain. The wait to vote is crazy in current times. I can see 30 minutes to an hour, but when you get beyond that you have to ask the question: what is going on where there is such a delay. Yeah, I know some people are slow to cast a ballot, but no one is that damn slow. There is much more going on and it’s simply not acceptable and as Americans we should NOT tolerate it. Rather you vote by absentee, mail-in or in-person, the process to vote should be easy, swift and issue-free.

Written By Zoe Mitchell