HOLLYWOOD—It has arrived “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics, um, correction “Perfectionists” fans. The season finale of the first season of the “PLL” spinoff, “The Perfectionists” culminated this week with the audience getting closer to discovering who murdered Nolan Hotchkiss. Last week the audience was teased with the possibility of Jeremy being responsible for Nolan’s murder, and he ended up being shot for it. However, I knew that was way too easy for my liking.

The season finale episode, ‘Enter the Professor’ saw our protagonists dealing with the aftermath of Jeremy’s shooting as the mystery continued to unfold. Dana Booker was all over the case, wanting details about Jeremy’s shooting, and like the loyal pals they are, Alison, Caitlin, Dylan, Ava, Taylor and Mona covered for each other. Caitlin refused to go to D.C. with her mother, who echoes Spencer’s mother all over again; the notion of perfection will drive anyone crazy.

It looks like Ava is getting over Nolan with Zach. They’ve shared a kiss, but if this relationship is headed to New York, I’m not sure if Zach will make it in one piece. Love was looking great for all of our protagonists including Dylan, but Mona seemed to be the unlucky one. She was fired by Claire for sleeping with Mason, but Ali was questioning rather Beacon Heights was a place she wanted to stay.

Mona was inquisitive about finding out the importance of that list, which leads me to believe a bigger story is hidden under the surface. Dylan was spooked by seeing a face from his past that brought up bad memories. The twists keep getting good, as Ava arrived at her dorm to come face-to-face with her dad! Ava’s dad asked for her help return to his family.

Dylan was adamant about confronting his high school nemesis Luke, just as Ava and Dana attempted to barter a deal. Ava wanted her to betray her father in order to get her foot back into the doors of the FBI, knowing her job with Claire was on the line. Good girl Ava, don’t give Dana any ammunition she can use against you and your father. Mona and Mason had a chat about their relationship, and it seems Mason might have a bit of leverage to help his new love. Ali was invited to join the Crimson Society, and guess what Caitlin and Ava also received those invitations.

Mona paid Claire a visit letting her know that she was keeping her job, and that she had Intel regarding Mason who, whoa, Claire was sleeping with! Now, I must admit that was a twist I did not see coming. To say the least, Claire was not happy to see Mona have a bit of leverage on her. However, I think Mona has made an enemy I’m not certain she will be able to combat with. Ava confronted her father about his duplicity, and it looks like the bond between father and daughter is fractured, at least for the time being.

Ali was surprised to see Caitlin, Mona, Dylan and Ava at the invitation for the Crimson Society, where a video showcased the five during that shooting involving Jeremy. Oh, is the elusive ‘A’ about to finally make his presence known. It looks like someone is planning to frame the ‘Fearsome Five’ as I now call them. They seemed rattled to say the least, as this artificial intelligence wanted them to be part of an experiment, as I figured, Jeremy didn’t kill Nolan, this new tormentor, known as ‘The Professor’ means biz to say the least.

Taylor knows plenty of information, and the fact that two people didn’t show up to this grouping leaves the audience wondering who? The gang realized that someone was hiding out in Taylor’s camper, but as they inched forward, it blew up in flames. Looks like this new threat, is more technically savvy than ‘A’ ever was. Dylan, Ava and Caitlin were worried sick, while Mona and Ali had a bit of experience with blackmailers and warned the others to play by the rules.

The five received another call from the professor who wanted each to share their worst fears, which the gang wondered if telling the truth would be the best. No, tell a lie to get them to think what you fear is not your actual fear. Alison decided that by venturing into the department of psychology, she might get a leg up on their foe. Ali knew she was being watched and decided to play by the rules of her new tormentor. Ava got a leg up on Dana, who once again was left empty-handed. And how did this woman get into the FBI? Secrets were divulged from each of the five to the newest threat. Mona was forced to break a heart to protect herself from getting too close to someone who might betray her, before she unloaded on her new foe.

It was during the final moments of the episode, that Dylan learned that Luke was looking to make a penance for his sins, the biggest being that Luke was gay and he was struggling with his truth in the past. I wonder what this does for Dylan and his boyfriend. I sense a love triangle could be brewing people. ‘The Professor’ watched footage of the five confessing their fears and it looks like the tormentor is indeed someone who is a teacher at Beacon University. The question I have to ask is rather this individual is someone we’ve already seen or not? I guess we will have to wait until the series returns to get that answer.