HOLLYWOOD—We’re on episode five of the “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff ‘The Perfectionists,’ and I have to admit I’m slightly getting bored. I don’t know if it’s the fact that the characters are not as interesting or that the narrative hasn’t fully hooked me yet. The episode, ‘The Patchwork Girl’ kicked off with Ava, Dylan and Caitlin traded spars at one another, it looks like the friends who were rebuilding their bond are fracturing in front of our eyes.

Rewind 24 hours ago, and we have Alison as a prisoner of Taylor who doesn’t want her truth being exposed. Mona came face-to-face with Ray Hagadorn and she had plenty of questions, but Ray seemed to be coy in the information he delivered. Looks like that comment Dylan made about Ava’s family really struck a chord. Ava decided to play peacemaker and asked her pal to lure Mason into a cab in so she could drug him to get a confession. Dylan and Caitlin thought Ava was crazy to toss out such a wicked plan.

So what is the connection between Taylor, Nolan and Ray? He seemed to know more about the Hotchkiss siblings than her parents. Ray alluded that someone might indeed be after Taylor if she isn’t ‘dead.’ And I actually thought Taylor was going to keep Alison captive, but nope, she let her go, but not before threatening her with a crowbar. The question to ask is what will Alison do with that information? Ali and Taylor had a conversation where two women who know how to fake their death, tried their best to figure it all out.

Taylor dropped a major secret: someone tried to kill her and that is the reason she faked her death. Taylor pegged that Claire’s goal was to utilize Ali to draw her out of the shadows. So the person who tried to kill Taylor might be the same person who murdered Nolan. Now this is the twist I needed to hook me back into the game. Caitlin went to work to implement the plan to expose Mason. Ali pleaded her case to Taylor to trust her and I sense Taylor knows if there is anyone who can solve the mystery it’s this woman.

It seems Nolan put his trust in the wrong person, and that might have cost him his life. I’m glad we’re getting to see more of Taylor. I like this character; she really helps propel the narrative if you ask me. Ava was busy prepping for her fashion show, but Zoe, a character who might have some secrets was quite occupied. While going through her slide show, Ava learned Dylan’s secret: he slept with Nolan! She was furious and we know that Caitlin dropped the secret about Ava that caused her world to explode.

OMG, Dana Booker is annoying as hell. Here she is investigating Mona about her past with Ali. Dana knew all about Mona’s past, and how Mary Drake and her past could come back to haunt her. As much information that Dana had on Mona, Mona had plenty of Intel on Dana that caused her to have the face crack of the century and I LOVED IT! Go Mona.

Taylor returned to her home and was surprised to see so many changes, and it was apparent her emotions were running high. Taylor thought her mother would come after her, while Ali thought she could be trusted, but I suspect otherwise. The pressure was absolutely getting to Dylan during his audition. Caitlin was busy ensuring she dotted all her ‘I’s’ and crossed all her ‘T’s’ to ensure Mason spilled what he knows. Caitlin you’re not that good of an actress if I might ask. Not fully trusting Mason, she knocked him out cold. Mistake? Not sure just yet.

Dana, Dana, she actually thought she was going to find something in Caitlin’s bag, but she didn’t find a single thing. Mona and Ali went into panic mode when they couldn’t find Taylor. The final moments of the episode, delivered a cliffhanger with Caitlin’s lifeless body sitting in the road, after being struck by a car. The question is who hit here? Was it Mason? What was on his cell phone that Caitlin was so worried about?

I was seriously ready to check out on the series, but this episode drew me back in and I’m hooked again. Until next week “Perfectionists” fanatics!