PERU—A Peruvian court decided a woman who wore red underwear to a party was not a victim of rape. On October 29, three judges, argued that the victim misrepresented herself, citing women only wear red underwear when intending to have sex.

According to the Daily Mail, the case was first reported in January 2019 by a 20-year-old woman whose identity has not be revealed for legal reasons. The victim said she fell unconscious at a party after being taken by the accuser who told her they were going to collect some official documents. The following day, she awoke naked in the accuser’s bed.

The judges indicated there were ‘omissions’ in the victim’s testimonies noting the victim was not as shy as she claimed and the defendant was acquitted.

Peru’s Public Ministry issued a statement on October 30 requesting the court’s decision be nullified and a new trial be allowed inside a different court. The Control Office of Judiciary also opened an investigation into suspected misconduct by the judges. They will determine if a disciplinary investigation needs to be conducted.

The ruling led to protests in Peru. Many demonstrators wore red underwear around their legs, showing solidary with the victim.