HOLLYWOOD—Whoa, that is the one word that comes to mind after the mayhem that unfolded last week on “The Young and the Restless.” I was not surprised to see Diane arrested after Jeremy Stark and Phyllis plotted evidence noting that Diane Jenkins drugged Phyllis. Let’s just say, Diane has some people in her corner, notably Jack Abbott and Victor (surprise there people) who suspect Jeremy is connected to all this mayhem. Diane has pleaded her innocence to Kyle and Jack, but those are like the only ones who believe.

Christine confided in Jack there is not much she can do as District Attorney with the evidence that has been levied against Diane. Seriously Christine, are you not aware that evidence can be planted? It happens all the time in real life. With that said, Diane is still behind bars, Phyllis was bold and I mean bold as hell showing up to her own memorial. How in the hell did a single person in that room not spot Phyllis? I mean the costume she wore, really didn’t mask her face and if they had just taken a closer look they would have spotted here. I’m sorry that was just bad writing for me. If you’re going to put on a façade at least make it a damn believable one people. However, with all that was happening to Diane that is nothing compared to what Phyllis Summers was dealing with.

She regretted faking her death after seeing the emotional toil that it took on her kids. She wanted to come forward with the truth, which I think is smart. She could have easily spun the narrative to point out that she was forced into the plan by Jeremy, who orchestrated her death and then was holding her captive. Cause guess what America? He actually was! However, when Phyllis spilled her plan to Jeremy, he was not happy and she was forced to defend herself and it got bloody. How so? She was forced to kill Jeremy in self-defense. Yes, this changes everything. The problem is that the authorities have found Jeremy’s body. Chance got a call confirming the villain’s demise and that news was broke to Jack. So this creates a massive ripple in his plan to prove Diane was setup and if Phyllis was smart she would come forward ASAP and reveal Jeremy was holding her captive.

Phyllis being very much alive was dropped this week, when she came face-to-face with Summer who learned dear ole mom is alive and just committed murder to save her own life. Summer is now being tasked with lying to her husband Kyle, and her brother Daniel to protect her mother. Talk about mayhem. At the same time, the tension between Jack and Ashley Abbott is growing as he protects Diane and focuses on proving her innocence even though Ashley thinks otherwise. Her focus on Tucker I find fascinating. She knows she cannot trust the guy, but for some reason she still allows him in her orbit. She decides to move him into the Abbott mansion to make Jack upset over Diane. I get not liking Diane, but Ashley is doing too much here people. This guy just signed over Tucker McCall Unlimited to Victor Newman, so what leverage does he actually have if any.

Sally and Adam continue to do their best to co-parent as they prepare for the birth of their child, even though Victor has other plans. Victor, for once, but out of your kids love lives because Nick and Sally are happy together; Adam is in the rear mirror and I’m okay with that now. Victor is only about to make a tense situation even worse, especially after he learned from Nick, that Sally and Adam are expecting a baby girl.

Victor should be poking his nose in Victoria’s love life. She’s sleeping with a man who is already entangled in a relationship. For those still guessing, I’m referring to Nate. I just cannot understand these two frolicking at Newman Enterprises behind closed doors, when anyone can open those doors. Victoria invited Nate to a business trip in Los Angeles where they can froth over each other more.

You two are not fooling anyone, and I cannot wait to see Elena discover this truth so she can lash out at Nate and Victoria for their discretion people. Nick has warned Nate to steer clear of his sister and tell Elena the truth before he does. He has also warned his sister to not to continue with this tryst.

Lily and Daniel’s bond is continuing to grow, as they shared a kiss, just as Chelsea and Billy are growing. However, one would expect Chelsea and Billy to have made a move at this point because it feels like it’s dragging a bit, but it seems the writers are finally giving the viewers what they expect and want. However, the big question I have is what is “Y&R” planning for May Sweeps. What is going to be the big reveal: Nate and Victoria being caught by Elena? Yeah, that is not a massive reveal so I’m hoping the Phyllis is alive bomb is dropped and we see the ripple effects of that and rather she is exposed for her duplicity.