HOLLYWOOD—It pains me to write this column, it really pains me after 7 long years of recapping what I would call the guiltiest pleasures of all TV, the Free Form hit “Pretty Little Liars” came to a shocking end with the revelation fans have been desperately waiting for. Who is A.D.? MAJOR SPOILERS PEOPLE. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE FINALE STOP WATCHING!

A.D. is none other than Spencer’s twin, Alex! It was a whopper so we have to digest. The series finale, which was a loaded 2 hours, dropped so many surprises, stunners and revelations that I haven’t the clue of where to begin. ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ kicked off with the ladies wondering about the identity of “A.” It was indeed a strange set-up that got only creepier, with Mona coming face-to-face with A.D. while inside Radley.

Time jump people, as we move into the liar’s lives one-year later, with Aria and Ezra preparing to get married, Emily and Alison taking care of not 1, but 2 babies. Well, well Mrs. Fields is back in the mix, as well as Melissa people! Yes, the eldest Hastings sister, we have not seen in quite some time, and Spoby seems to be a thing yet again. Looks like that little brat Addison is up to her old tricks once again. Hmm, why do I have a feeling that the writers are up a remake. I thought I would never root for Jenna, but that scene with Jenna and Addison was epic and that dialogue, classic PLL!

Hanna and Caleb marriage is quite strained, just as Mona became their new houseguest. The liars were all getting ready for Ezra and Aria’s bachelor and bachelorette party, but from a distance someone was watching, and that someone was MELISSA! Love was in the air for Emison, Ezria, but Haleb’s relationship continued to fracture. Aria received a disturbing call, just as Melissa watched from a distance, but it was not Melissa, it was MONA people! Mona conversed with A.D. who was still not ready to reveal their identity, just as Aria broke into a million pieces telling Ezra that she is unable to have kids.

Spencer paid Mary Drake a visit behind bars to ask for her help, just as Mona caused a bit of ruckus. Wow, Mr. Montgomery is back in the mix, as is Ella, Ashley and Veronica. I was so happy to see Hanna put her foot down and ask the ladies to pretend to treat Mona like one of them for once. I mean most of the madness Mona committed is because of them people. It was apparent Emily wanted to prevent Addison from becoming a mini-Ali in the making. Is it me or was this first hour, very slow, compared to the second hour which was action-packed. Emily wanted answers from Ali about what is going on with her mother, and was stunned when Ali proposed marriage to Emily.

At last we get to the good stuff, as Spencer finds herself knocked out by Mona, only to wake-up face-to-face with a TWIN. What!? Spencer has a twin and Mary Drake drugged Spencer, ok people I’m starting to lose it, but this theory is throwing me for a major, major loop people. Not only does Spencer have a twin, but she has an accent that is driving me nuts. A flashback revealed Wren having a conversation with Alex Drake, yup, Mary had twins people!

Alex Drake is A.D. people! And the clues started to make sense, the baby pictures, her hookup with Toby (that scar on the chest), her coming to Hanna’s aid. Wren knew all along what Alex was up to and never spilled a word to Spencer or Melissa. Alex is nuts, she got Wren to shoot her in the chest, all to claim Spencer’s life! Ali, Emily, Hanna and Alex, all prepared for Aria’s wedding, just as worries about Mary Drake heightened the drama.

The liars finally came face-to-face with their tormentor "A.D."
The liars finally came face-to-face with their tormentor “A.D.”

Another bombshell, Wren is the father of Emily’s baby! Mary revealed all that she sold Alex as a way to get out of Radley. It was discovered that Alex was placed in an orphanage, gotta say I feel bad for Alex, but in Mary’s moment of vulnerability, she allowed Spencer an opening. Looks like a wedding is not happening for Aria and Ezra, because Alex was holding him captive, yeah, this fiend is wicked evil.

Emily, Hanna and Ali stood by Aria’s side in her time of need. Alex spilled more tea that Jenna was aware that Charlotte had a sister, and she was desperate for money. A flashback revealed an interesting scene between Charlotte and Archer that was evidence of their burgeoning relationship, just as Charlotte came face-to-face with her sister. It became apparent Charlotte wanted Alex to stay away from the Hastings clan, and was well aware what her sister was up to all along.

It became apparent to the other ladies that something is MIA with Ezra, just as Jenna realized something is off with Spencer, and that a doppelganger is on the loose. Toby dropped a bomb that Spencer might have a twin, but the mystery deepened even more people, with Mona listening to the liar’s conversation and demanding her partner to revel the truth on their identity. Mona clued the clan on Alex’s location which was none other than Toby’s house that he built. Ezra and Spencer planned their escape, just as Alex put her fist to Mary Drake’s face. Alex did not look happy, because she had an axe in her hand. Alex is indeed crazy; this girl built a house within a house. Alex was about to take an axe to Spencer, but Ezra hit a rock, just as the two sisters had a brawl that ended with Toby holding a gun at both ladies, and discovered the real Spencer by asking about a poem.

All ended well, with Aria and Ezra tying the knot, and Hanna revealing news that she is pregnant. The final moments of the series saw Mona working at a doll shop in Paris, with a dollhouse, and a ton of dolls to play with, and inside her dollhouse, Mona had Mary Drake and Alex in her possession. Just when you think it was over, a moment revealed (just what we expected), a whole new rebirth of the series with new girls, who fell asleep on the couch, only to awake with their friend Addison missing.

So with that “Pretty Little Liars” is over, and I will admit there were quite a few surprises that I never guessed, especially the Spencer twin twist, but come on do we really need rebirth of “PLL” with new ladies? I think not, but I will do a column on the big A.D. reveal and rather all the dots connected. It has been fun the past 7 years “PLL” fanatics, and this is a series that will be missed!