SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police Chief, William Scott, issued a public apology Thursday, May 13, to suspect Xavier Pittman who was shot during an officer involved shooting on May 7.

The (OIS) was led up to by six separate incidents according to a police report. Five auto burglary incidents occurred from about 11:45 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. at Varney Place and Jack London Alley. In the final incident, the suspect fled from a neighboring police agency during a traffic stop attempt.

“Based on our analysis of the facts and evidence we have at this time, the shooting of Mr. Pittman quite simply, should not have happened.” “I’m deeply sorry Mr. Pittman was shot during this incident and I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Mr. Pittman, his family, and his friends,” Chief Scott said in a virtual town hall meeting.

Plainclothes officers located Mr. Pittman and another suspect unloading bags and luggage from a stolen vehicle near Jack London Alley and Varney Place. Plainclothes officers exited the vehicle and ran towards the suspects with firearms raised to place Mr. Pittman under arrest. According to a police report, one officer grabbed Mr. Pittman and an OIS occurred resulting in one round hitting Mr. Pittman’s wrist.

“All the footage or all the information we will release in this town hall including video footage and audio recordings will be posted on the SFPD website,” said Chief Scott. “I also want to say to the public that I’m truly sorry and know and we know you expect us to get this right and we know how traumatic it is to see these types of incidents especially when they should not have happened.”

The incident is still under investigation and some information may not be disclosed at this time Chief Scott explained during the virtual town hall meeting.