UNITED STATES—Well America, we are indeed getting much closer to November 2016, which only further raises the stakes as to who could potentially become the next President of the United States of America. We are looking at Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, but I would not count out a few independents or Libertarians joining the race as well to cause a bit of a ripple.

Last week, the buzz of the political world was the Republican National Convention that wasn’t without a few scandals here and there. First, the world was ‘talking’ about the speech by Trump’s wife Melanie, which was plagiarized by the same speech given by current First Lady Michelle Obama nearly 8 years ago. The day after the speech, Trump’s organization denied any claims of plagiarism, but a day after the denial, the truth about the speech came to light, which only made more people question why not divulge the truth to begin with in the first place, than to cover it up.

I will acknowledge, Donald gave a long speech, but his speech wasn’t a typical tangent of his which some have come to expect. He came across quite presidential, even though questions could be raised rather he was pandering to the masses or really saying what he meant and planned to do. Sorry, this happens with all politicians, even Hillary Clinton people.

The biggest buzz at the Republican National Convention was Ted Cruz. Cruz, who spoke at the RNC still refused to publicly endorse Donald Trump, must say I’m not surprised because these two are not the best of pals, so the fact that he spoke to fellow Republicans only to find himself getting booed off stage raises questions about his political prowess in the near future.

Should he have endorsed Trump (I’d say yes, if he planned to speak at the event)? However, if it was a given he had no plans for an endorsement, he should have never been allowed to speak at the RNC. Why? This is a party that is slightly fractured at the moment, similar to that of the Democrats. At this point in the race, a unified party is far more critical than a decisive party.

Speaking of the Democrats, the Democratic National Convention kicked off this week in Philadelphia, and a big scandal is what swept through the nation over the weekend. Yes, there appears to be a huge scandal in play regarding the party’s involvement in the discrediting of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. More than 20,000 emails were leaked from Wiki Leaks connecting Democratic Party Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in a big role in the melee. As a result, she stepped down from her position.

This is a big black eye for the Democrats, because in my personal opinion because those Americans who are on the fence with both parties, might simply flip a coin in their decision on who to vote for and who not to vote for. Talk has even surfaced of Clinton aligning herself with Schultz, which is a major mistake. The more distance Clinton places between herself and Debbie the stronger I think her presence will go over well with Americans.

Speaking of Sanders, he spoke at the DNC and his speech was quite interesting to say the least people. I mean I felt as listening to his speech, I was watching the RNC all over again, but instead of Ted Cruz, it’s Bernie Sanders who found a way to unify the party instead of dividing it. I hate to say this, but it might not be the worst idea to NOT invite your former competitor to speak at the convention, especially when it apparent they are harboring some bad blood.

Jeez, I can’t remember the last time the Democratic and Republic parties were so DIVIDED during a presidential election, its crazy people! I mean people booing at the kick-off of the ceremony for the DNC is not a good look people, but it also had some strong points in a rousing speech by Michelle Obama’s speech. America we’re talking about politics and elections more NOW than my entire life span than I can imagine. And if you ask me this, that is quite riveting to say the least.