SAN FRANCISCO—After 23 years of business, local high-end seafood restaurant “Farallon” closes due to the pandemic. Farallon was a famous seafood establishment located near Union Square, and was frequented by tourists and locals alike for its elaborate decor, and sustainable and tasty seafood dishes. 

First reported by SFGate, the news first broke out when an email was sent to Farallon employees earlier in the week announcing the decision. Reasons for the closure include the logistics of managing and converting a fine dining restaurant during the pandemic, or the fact that offering a take-out model for the restaurant “wouldn’t do”, restaurant partner Pete Sittnick explained to the Chronicle.

After the announcement on August 19, many took to social media to express their emotions behind the closure. One user tweeted:

“Oh man. Eating at Farallon was like eating on a cruise in 1995 but the food was so good.”

Another Twitter user posted:

“So sad, I remember when this opened it was so cool. Fantastical seafood restaurant Farallon closes in San Francisco after 23 years.”

Over 370 restaurants and dining establishments have closed in the San Francisco metro area since March. Recent data from a Yelp report shows that 5,000 other San Francisco businesses have closed since the pandemic started, and it is expected that more will follow.