SAN FRANCISCO—Five female suspects entered a retail store in the Central District on Tuesday, June 27, where they attempted to shoplift, pushing a security guard in the process.

The suspects entered the store, located on the 200 block of Post Street, with bags at around 11:40 a.m. They filled each one with unpaid merchandise and headed toward the store exit. The victim, a male security guard, tried to stop the suspects, but was pushed. The women fled the scene, take a purse and multiple belts from the store.

San Francisco News spoke to Officer Robert Rueca, Public Information Officer for the SFPD, who noted that the case has been labeled as a robbery, rather than an assault, because the stolen items were taken by force.

Rueca also shared that the five suspects have been described as a group of black females aged 16 to 22 who . The victim is reportedly a Hispanic male, approximately 21 years old.

The SFPD Media Relations unit has not disclosed any additional information on the incident at this time.

Authorities request that those with information on the incident contact the tip line at 415-575-4444.