HOLLYWOOD—I was a massive fan of the TV series “Power” when it ran on the Starz. When that series ended after six seasons I was certain that was the end of an era. I mean I was sad (spoiler alert) when James St. Patrick aka Ghost was murdered by his son Tariq of all people, but it set the stage for the spinoff, “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Look anyone who knows me is well aware that I have no love whatsoever for Tariq St. Patrick. The kid is a spoiled little brat whose antics put his entire family in danger and led to the death of his sister, the kid reminds you of every kid in America who gets everything served to them on a silver platter and still complains when things ‘don’t go their way.’

This spinoff sees Tariq still doing his best to try to be his father, not realizing that he will NEVER come close to his father’s legacy even though he is currently on track to destroy not only his life, but a ton of others in the process. Tariq is still a kid people, even though he’s in college, he has the mentality of a kid, and is not clearly thinking. I thought the first season was intriguing and I just kept telling myself, this character is going to get his comeuppance. Did not quite happen in season one, but midway in season two I got a gleeful smile on my face.

Why? Well, Tariq found himself behind bars, and his father, even from beyond the grave managed to deliver a letter to his son warning him of his impending fate and future. It was very funny that the one thing I wanted to see this character receive, I got, but at the same time I felt sympathy for the character at the same time. I was actually rooting for him. Go figure. Tariq has been dealing drugs on the campus with the help of Monet played at times with frustration by actress and musician Mary J. Blige. Sometimes I feel Monet and other times I feel like she is portraying Mary J. Blige.

The same could be said of her “What’s the 411” collaborator, Davis Maclean (Method Man), who plays a money hungry and power hungry attorney that is willing to do almost anything to get his clients off. Take a guess as to who his client is? You got it, Tariq St. Patrick. Tariq’s world started to fracture after he fatally shot Professor Jabari Reynolds who knew what Tariq was up to, but he had some of the facts of his so called book incorrect. He was under the guise that Tariq was sleeping with his colleague Professor Carrie Milligram. Yeah, I’m no fan of this character at all. She’s sneaky; she’s a hypocrite and has been up to no good since this season premiered. First she was sleeping with Jabari, than she was sleeping with Zeke, a student at the university where she teaches and the nephew of Monet. Then she set up Lauren, she’s just dirty and it feels like her comeuppance may be coming sooner than later.

However, the audience was just delivered a curveball when we discovered that Zeke is actually Monet’s son! Yeah, did not see that twist coming from a million miles away people. Making the situation more complicated is that Zeke’s father is Dante, a drug lord who is currently working with Cain, Monet’s son, and was once Monet’s former lover when she was a teen.

Yeah, Monet was about to start a life with Dante, but got a bomb dropped on her when she arrived home to find her husband, Lorenzo, who had been locked away for over 10 years, ready to implement himself back into Monet’s orbit as well as his children, Dru, Cain and Diana. The character of Diana was annoying me a bit because she appeared like an airhead, but has developed a bit more in this latest season, where she has made some dangerous moves. Lorenzo has no idea that his wife is very close to Dante, nor does Money know that Cain is working with Dante. Talk about a twisted web people.

Diana stole money from her mother that led to Monet murdering an innocent man and she has been sneaking around her mother’s back to have a relationship with Tariq, who is currently juggling three ladies: Effie, Diana and Lauren. Lauren is an interesting character, because she had always been an ally to Tariq, but recently got caught up in some trouble that placed her in a situation where she used a wire to gather Intel on Tariq and the drug drama circulating the college campus. A bit passive in the beginning, Lauren has found her voice and is fighting back.

Even though I have teased quite a bit of drama already, let’s discuss more. I mean why in the hell did Tasha who went into Witness Protection, failed to take her other daughter Jaz and leave her in the possession of her drunk of a mother and Tariq who can barely take care of himself. Jaz is currently in the foster care system because of her grandmother and Tariq and it’s a sad situation to watch unfold, but at the same time, there are consequences for one’s actions as Tariq is learning all too well at the current moment.

His trial is pending, and while things don’t look good even though he was offered a delicious deal thanks to Tamika, Saks and a pal of his, Tariq just has to be arrogant and a know-it-all and turned it down. So he is playing with the scales of justice and what the result will be has yet to be revealed, but maybe, just maybe, the audience will see Tariq pay for his crimes from the past people. New episodes of “Power Chapter II: Ghost” air Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.