HOLLYWOOD—The third season of “Power Book II: Ghost” was gripping and exciting as hell. I mean the tables truly turned on our anti-hero, Tariq, who has caused all sorts of chaos since the original series “Power.” For those in the dark, it was made clear that season four of the series will be its last, and it is broken up into two parts that are sure to leave fans salivating.

The premiere episode picked up with the aftermath of Tariq and Brayden making their escape after Noma, Effie, Cane, Diana and Dru all turned on him. Monet is fighting for her life in a hospital, just as Tariq and Brayden realized that Anya, Noma’s daughter, is her Achilles Heal!

Yes, after all the talk last season, the audience finally got to meet Noma’s daughter, just as Angela’s nephew, Angel was developing his own plan to take down the kid and family that caused all sorts of mayhem for his family. Cane, who was badly injured after taking a bullet to his arm, showed up to Brayden’s home beating his brother to a pulp before Effie intervened.

It was indeed a narrative treat seeing Monet in purgatory realizing that she was near death as Mecca, Lorenzo and Zeke from beyond the grave wanted to force Monet to reflect on her past, while tormenting her about her past misdeeds. Dru was worried sick about Monet waking up and realizing that her kids were trying to kill her. Little do they know, it was not Dru or Diana, but Tasha who nearly killed Monet. As a ploy, Diana and Dru kidnapped Brayden’s sister to lure him into a trap. Brayden and Tariq got close to Anya, but not close enough as the villainesses troopers managed to get the college coed to her mom safely.

Obi is a get one; his deception is so covered when his betrayal to Noma is revealed I can only imagine what he would do. Those green cards were nabbed by Tariq and Councilman Tate, but hitting on Noma in a time of crisis is not wise. Anya is just as spicy as her mother. I feel like Effie is going to be Cane’s downfall. She likes him, he trusts her, but she still holds a torch for Tariq and he has her loyalty even when he shouldn’t.

Angela’s sister begged her son to let the St. Patrick case he is working on go because she feared for his life and the outcome it resulted for her sister. Perhaps that was a premonition. Dru raised red flags and Becca tried to make a call which turned into a scuffle, where she pepper sprayed him and made a run for it, and ran into Brayden. Tariq crashed a truck into Dru’s vehicle injuring him pretty bad in the process, before they made an escape.

Davis alerted Tariq that his law license had temporarily been suspended, but he got a visit from Noma and Obi who wanted to offer him a bit of money in the process. He was not interested in her offer, but considering this guy would do anything for money, I was surprised he turned it down. Brayden’s father cut him off permanently realizing his actions has placed the entire family in danger in the process. Davis warned Tariq that Noma put a $100k bounty on his and Brayden’s body, letting it be clear he better get out of town sooner rather than later.

Tariq actually showed remorse to Brayden for all the mayhem he has put into this co-eds orbit. Reflecting on life makes you realize the decisions you make can be good or quite wicked. Angel, Cane and Effie were all looking for Brayden and Tariq on the campus of Stansfield. Not a smart move Tariq, even if you had money stashed on the campus for a rainy day. Effie as expected, sent a text to Tariq warning him that Cane is close by.

As Tariq and Brayden tried to escape, they were encountered by Agent Valdez, Angela’s nephew, but gunfire interrupted the conversation, as Tariq managed to take out two threats, and to see the agent shot right in the head by Tariq was brutal. That was the moment that I turned on Tariq yet again, he will kill no matter what. I fear his endgame. Noma bartered the deal for the time being. He can’t move drugs at all, as a result, it leaves him very vulnerable.

Cane was not pleased with Noma allowing Tariq to live and pursued a chase, just as Brayden made a call alerting campus police of the situation. Monet awoke from her coma after a conversation with Diana, as she wanted to know who tried to kill her. Cane didn’t buy what Dru was selling about Tariq not being Monet’s shooter. He’s right, and Diana is always the weak link.

In an interesting change of events, the final moments of the episode introduced the audience to Detective Carter portrayed by Michael Ealy. He lost his wife Denise? That name doesn’t ring a bell, but she was murdered. Is this connected to the St. Patrick family? Doesn’t matter, after Paz cried to him that the St. Patrick family (Tariq in particular) was responsible, it looks like Tariq has another problem to worry about. Paz knows Detective Carter and vowed to get vengeance for her.

Oh, this is so juicy. New episodes of “Power Book II: Ghost” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Starz.