HOLLYWOOD—There were indeed a few surprises in the latest episode of “The Chi” as Douda’s wicked presence continues to have an impact on all the players in the city of Chicago. This week’s episode, ‘Legacy’ saw witnessing dealing with the aftermath of being arrested and charged in court with Q’s murder, even though we know that was Douda. He managed to post bail, but he will be on house arrest.

Kiesha learned her son has Sickle Cell disease, and it delivered a whopper of a reveal. Her abductor is not the father of her child, it is Nuck, the guy who works for Douda. This complicates matters so much more because now Emmett has to be entangled with a guy who wants him dead. This complicates matters for Nuck, because he dare wouldn’t threaten Kiesha’s life or the life of his son right?

Bianca tried to celebrate Douda’s birthday, but he was not in the mood, which hurt Bianca’s feelings. Jake and Shaad crafted jokes at Victor’s expense. He was not pleased that Jake took money from Douda and utilized it to post his bail. Emmett made it clear that he was not interested in taking any funds from Douda’s wife, who bolted in answering all sorts of questions. There was plenty of flirting taking place in the process, that ultimately resulted in a possible romance brewing.

Papa is about to have a very bad influence from a mentor who is only concerned about his wellbeing not others. Fatima decided it was time to take a break from one another as it relates to his current legal woes.

Bakari learned from his mentor that his writing needs work. He was excited to have a laptop that is going to help improve his writing. Emmett’s brother Jake is poking his nose in the books, and I am worried that this will ultimately result in some bloodshed at some point in the season. He informed his brother that the books are not aligned and Emmett seemed a bit baffled with that reveal.

Emmett’s brother warned him that being in business with Douda is something that could get him into some serious trouble with the IRS if he doesn’t ensure he has things in line when it comes to the revenue for his business. Hmm, who could have imagined that Emmett’s half-brother is so savvy when it comes to money and accounting, but he’s poking that nose where it doesn’t belong people.

Victor warned Douda that Q’s DNA was found in the vehicle. It seems like Victor has reached his limit when it comes to Douda because he is taking a ton of bullets right now to ensure someone who doesn’t have his wellbeing is benefiting from his downfall. Papa discovered his new protégé had a past working in the streets, and he has ties to a big bad that I didn’t expect.

In a turn of events, Bakari had his laptop destroyed by Douda when he mumbled something under his breath. As a result, he destroyed Bakari’s laptop and it is obvious the kid’s blood is slowly, but surely boiling in the process. Alonzo warned Victor that the DA wants him to broker a deal, but it meant Douda had to be turned in as part of the deal. Victor refused to snitch, and it means he should prepare for jail then. Papa, Papa, I am so worried about you. Alonzo warned Douda to steer clear of Robert and Alicia. Threatening Douda might not be a wise thing, but at the same time Douda may have poked a bear that he should have.

Tierra was not pleased that Marcus didn’t want to send out their ‘family photo’ to others. He wanted things to stay private. Things got tense between Shaad and Alicia, when Alonzo stopped by and realized that Alicia is utilizing Shaad as a figure head. Yeah, Shaad felt a bit insecure witnessing the interaction between Alicia and her ex. Bakari spilled to Jake that he was writing a book, which prompted him to realize that his sister may have sold him out and it got his mind wondering, a lot.

The fellas held their weekly therapy session, this time at Victor’s place because of his legal predicament. Marcus realized he might have to take his relationship to the next level. Emmett spilled to his pals about Nuck potentially being little Ronnie’s father. Rob spilled that he was hoping to reacclimate his relationship with his father, Alonzo who always put business over his family. The conversation soon transited to Douda yet again, so its obvious the writers are planning his demise, at least the viewers can hope that.

Speaking of Alonzo, he was taken out by Zay of all people, just as Rob was hoping to rekindle the bond. You know what that means: Alicia and Rob are going to be out for blood against Douda. Kenya’s father!? Really this preacher is entangled with Douda as well. Damn is there anyone this guy doesn’t have his fingerprints on. Looks like this preacher is all about making money at all costs.

Douda didn’t like being threatened and he put a chokehold and a burning cigar into the preacher’s neck to prove he will not be swindled. Again, add another enemy to the list. Jemma informed Jake she cannot forget that he slept with Tatianna which is proof their relationship is all but over. Emmett and Kiesha got the DNA results proving that little Ronnie is Nuck’s son.

Roselynn got chummy with Dom’s cousin, just as Jamal and Dom got closer. The episode concluded with Nuck coming face-to-face with his son for the first time, with Emmett coming to terms that a man who wants him dead is now likely untouchable for him and vice versa. Interesting development to say the least. Looking forward to next week, when the big reveal about Alonzo’s death is broken to Rob and Alicia. The war was already brewing, but now it looks like it is about to explode. Until next Sunday “The Chi” fans.