HOLLYWOOD—Talk about explosive. That is the best way I could describe the penultimate episode of “Power Book II: Ghost” before the upcoming season three finale. Chaos, just utter chaos, and surprises that will leave you aghast was what viewers were delivered. This week’s episode, ‘A Last Gift’ witnessed Davis and Tariq dealing with the aftermath of the death of Cooper Saxe and the walls beginning to close in.

Tariq and Cane had a scuffle over Effie and it’s no secret, Cane has never been a fan of Tariq who wants to be tougher than he thinks, and Cane proved that. Davis and Tariq commiserated over the fact that Saxe had a file of Detective Kevin Whitman which could expose them all. Effie was crumbling while in custody realizing that her situation is dire. Jenny and Blanca received news that Saxe was dead, which placed Jenny on an emotional rollercoaster; it became evident she was out for blood and her relationship with Saxe was stronger than even the audience suspected.

The feds realized they needed Effie to flip to secure their case, just as Cane confronted Brayden about Lauren’s return from the dead. Oh, he knew, but he wouldn’t be able to spill those details without having a bullet placed in him. Saxe strategically planned for his demise, sending letters to multiple parties to ensure he got his revenge and brought down a criminal organization from beyond the grave.

The first letter was delivered to Monet, who didn’t buy that Tariq was working with the feds, but Diana suspected otherwise, as she realized she got caught on the rooftop peddling drugs. Diana, Diana, just too gullible; that is her weakness. Lauren when are you going to realize that Tariq is trouble stay clear of him. Monet as confronted by Evelyn about Gordo’s disappearance. Yes, it was clear Evelyn knows that Dru killed Gordo and that Monet had her fingerprints on Lorenzo’s murder.

Tariq pleaded with Obi to buy him some time with Noma; in exchange he would get him the green cards he needs to get his family out of Nigeria. Well, Obi is not as loyal to Noma as we expected. I mean Tariq has political connections and if Noma cannot do it, why not consider other options? Tariq asked Rashad Tate for assistance, who per usual always wants to barter a deal and this involved Weston Holdings. Yeah, Rashad knows a lot, but he better be careful.

Rashad made the move to expose the Ponzi scheme at Weston Holdings, which resulted in a business empire crumbling and chaos exploding as a result. Jenny and Blanca started to utilize information from that meeting with Davis, Saxe and Diana and Davis was not pleased people. Tariq pressured Brayden to taking out Lucas who is a loose cannon in their chaos. Brayden was against murdering a family member; Tariq didn’t like hearing the truth that Brayden delivered. You’re a murderer and it is not going to stop if anything, it is only going to get worse. Everyone knows you killed Ghost, Tariq; the problem is you refuse to acknowledge it.

The Weston clan was falling apart as their business empire crumbled in front of their eyes. The feds received a call from Lucas, who spilled major tea about Weston Holdings, Tariq, Brayden, a drug ring and CrashCoin. Dru and Cane implemented their masterplan to take out Evelyn and her family by poisoning them with gas, but little did Dru expect to learn that Monet was responsible for the death of his father, Lorenzo. It left him seething, as well as Diana when they discovered the truth.

Diana discovered Detective Whitman’s file under Tariq’s dorm bed. Now tell me why in the hell would Tariq leave such privileged information in his dorm for anyone to access? The Tejada siblings realized their mother is the root of all evil and they confronted her in a manner that was glorious TV. Dru and Diana were quite disrespectful, as Cane realized his mother was spinning webs that she got entangled into. Monet had reason in her actions, just as the kids had reasons in their accusations. Diana and Monet almost came to blows, but Dru intervened, and Monet got physical with Dru.

The mayhem is not over people, because in a heated confrontation, Brayden pushed Lucas over a rooftop causing him to fall to his death after smashing on top of a car. Yup, Brayden has officially committed murder and is now fully embracing that dark side of him. Effie received a visit from Cane posing as her attorney. He tried to convince her to turn on Tariq, but she refused. Her ego is ultimately going to be her downfall people. The past is back to haunt people, as 2bit paid Tariq a visit to collect. He spilled that Saxe sent him valuable information, which involved the whereabouts of Tasha, his grandmother and sister. It only cost Tariq $100k and his new ride.

So Tariq finally learned the location of his mother, but it was a bit late. TOMMY, yes, that Tommy people showed up and wanted blood. Tommy, like a sniper took out several agents before coming face-to-face with Tasha  and he was ready to silence her once and for all for her devious deeds. Tasha pleaded her case, as Tariq made a move by pulling a gun on Tommy. Now Tariq, you may have killed Ghost, but Tommy ain’t no dummy and trust he’ll take you out before you take him out. However, Tasha clocked Tariq in the head and he woke up in the hospital.

Tariq learned from Tamika that Tasha is missing. Tariq realized his mother is in the clutches of Tommy and he panicked, not realizing yet again his actions has placed the people he cares about most in danger. Fantastic episode before next week’s explosive finale that is certain to deliver mayhem unlike ever expected. Until then “Power” fanatics!