HOLLYWOOD—This was a fun season finale America. Like I said, I was cautious about getting entangled in the spinoff of the hit Starz series “Power” after the main character James St. Patrick aka Ghost (Omari Hardwick) died. However, the focus on his son Tariq and his entanglements have been a fun ride and it all came to an epic conclusion with the episode, ‘Heart of Darkness.’

Looks like Monet is planning her vengeance against Rico for his attack on her family. She took him out in epic fashion, just like I expected America. While Money was handling her business, Cane was busy disposing of Ramirez’s body, just as his cellphone buzzed with a call from Monet of all people.

Lauren piqued Tariq’s interest about their professors interviewing more students about the body found on campus. Professor Millgram tried to deflect Dru’s secret lover from implicating Zeke. Again, how the hell are professors playing detective? Just does not seem plausible people. Zeke was livid at Carrie when he learned she shared information with the police.

Cane tried to make peace with Dru, who was not willing to hear his brother’s antics. The conversation turned to Tariq once again, just as Dru connected the dots that Ramirez is dead. The big moment we’ve been waiting for: Saxe calling Tariq to the stand finally transpired. Tariq dropped a bomb when he admitted he saw Saxe at Truth nightclub with a gun the night that his father was killed and that he was following Tariq.

Um, Saxe it looks like Tariq is nailing you on the stand and posing questions that caused the judge to start to question him. Davis was scared and asked to speak to the judge in her chambers, just as Riley became unnerved in the courtroom. Looks like Saxe and Davis could find themselves on the stand, but Steven interrupted and Tamica joined the conversation where things started to blow-up. Looks like Tasha will get to go free, but she is going to have to turn the tables on Tommy Egan. Tasha be careful because Tommy is coming after you with full force, if you decide to snitch.

Tasha was nervous and she has reason to be as Tommy has leverage on the fact that she murdered LaKeisha and he will use that to take her down. Davis made Tasha’s release a press opportunity which annoyed her to the core. Tariq was worried about Monet, but Tasha made it clear running was the option. Brayden was livid at Riley for using him as a fiddle.

Zeke alerted Tariq that Dru and his family might be implicated in the dead body and it looks like just when this kid might have an out he finds himself back entangled in the web of mayhem. Diana warned Tariq that Cane might be coming after him. I don’t care for the Diana and Tariq love affair; he seems better suited with Lauren. Tariq seemed like he was ready to be out of the game and allow Brayden to take control of their business. Professor Reynolds had a conversation with Tariq, and he connected all the dots, but Tariq feigned ignorance.

Tasha paid Monet a visit and while conversing about Tariq gunfire erupted. It looks like Tommy knew he was in danger and fired shots at Tasha and Monet, to send a clear message to his former pal. Tommy is back and this is great news and exciting to see this guy back on the screen people.

Oh, this is delicious people. Tasha in a panic let Tariq know it was time to run. Tariq let’s be clear you are NOT Tommy Egan, not even close. Monet went looking for Cane and discovered that her son murdered Ramirez. So viewers see Tommy Egan in the flesh, as he came face-to-face with Tariq, the kid who murdered his best friend. I love Tommy, the guy is kind, but if you cross him, be prepared to pay for your crimes people.

The fact that Tasha is willing to work with Saxe to get Tommy makes me question everything about this woman. Looks like Tommy knew what was planned and decided to have a little of fun. Tommy is smart he crashed into a building causing an explosion to make it seem like he died in the fire. It was a genius idea to say the least. Jabari handed over money to Tariq, just as Cane spotted him and fired a shot at Jabari before pointing a gun at Tariq. I did not expect Tariq to murder his professor, but the kid did so, proving he is more dangerous now than ever.

Saxe was forced to resign as a U.S. Attorney, but had another option waiting as Davis offered him a job at his firm. Tariq setup Tasha to keep her safe from Tommy, who was ready to fire upon her at her daughter’s gravesite. Looks like Tariq outsmarted Tommy, but I wonder at what cost. Tommy was livid, just as Monet pulled a gun on him. We knew Tommy was not a goner because he has his own spinoff in the works. Threats were made and before it all culminates something tells me that Tasha will indeed meet her maker and probably Tariq as well.

Fun finale, I did expect a few more bodies to drop, some unexpected ones, but it seems that was not the case people. However, I thought after this finale we’d be moving to the next book, but it seems like we’re not done with “Power Chapter II: Ghost.”