HOLLYWOOD—Things escalated in a big way in the latest episode of “Power Book II: Ghost” with the Tejada family and law enforcement. Some good, some not so good, as this week’s episode, ‘The Land of Opportunity’ proved just when you think you can get out you can be drawn back in. Effie, Brayden and Tariq were busy monitoring their new drug empire while utilizing coffee as a cover.

The Tejada clan was celebrating Zeke, when the celebration was ruined by Officer Whitman, who continued to harass Monet, which annoyed the entire family, except Diana. Why Diana? She is on the outs with the family thanks to Monet. As the episode continued, Diana became useful to both of her parents: who wanted something from her. Diana is being used and she is starting to see that. Lorenzo and Cane’s relationship is raising eyebrows for both Dru and Monet, but they haven’t connected the dots fully.

Jenny is putting a lot of trust in Saxe, but I swear if he screws her over I will be livid. He spotted her constant ringing phone that she refused to answer and he took a picture of the number. It is just a matter of time before Saxe dials that number and discovers that Lauren is very much alive. Talk about chaos waiting to happen. Tariq, Brayden, Effie and Cane discovered Mecca didn’t just move drugs, but he moved guns for Noma. It is so obvious Cane is interested in Effie and made it clear he knows that she ‘killed’ Lauren. The weight of Lauren’s so called death is stressing Effie out because she knows the truth will indeed come out.

Effie confronted Brayden about squealing, which he did without actually doing it. I love how the education aspect of the series always finds a way to intertwine itself in the narrative in an intriguing way, highlighting the theme of the episode. Davis is only digging himself deeper into a grave with his connections to Monet and the drug empire.

Lucas was not pleased that RSJ had no intentions of signing with Weston Holdings. As a result, he took his frustration out on Tariq and only echoed what RSJ told Tariq in the last episode: you’re being used for your likeness (i.e. the color of your skin). Monet wanted Diana to do her dirty work to get Detective Whitman off her case. Dru got closer with his newest connect, Gordo and former childhood friend, who was an angle to help move weaponry.

Rashad clued in Tariq that the authorities, that a face from the past, Blanca is looking into the murder of Dante Spears. Jenny decided to reveal a secret to Saxe by revealing who she is working with, as Blanca came face-to-face with Saxe. She was not happy, neither was he! Hopefully this prevents Saxe from calling that number he took pictures of. Jenny made it clear to Lauren that her contacting her could put their case at risk. Lauren spilled a connection between Tariq and Monet and that rooftop where Diana was spotted. Jenny is getting all the information and she is about to connect those dots people.

Diana is playing with fire by sleeping with Seline, who just happens to be her professor’s TA, who gave her sound advice about her family dynamics. Diana met with Detective Whitman, where he shared some information and she did the same for a potential setup for Diana. Whitman suspected something afoul, just as Diana delivered a damn convincing performance.

Brayden, Cane and Lorenzo staged their plan to sell the guns, leaving Dru out in the cold and not pleased at all people. Blanca and Jenny compared notes about gun sales. Blanca was handling the gun angle, while Jenny was about to investigate the rooftop for surveillance. Tariq offered a building prospect that RSJ is interested in developing on; this is the angle that RSJ was using to get something from Tariq by signing with Weston Holdings.

Brayden played his role in the gun exchange without a hiccup, but didn’t realize he was being photographed. That will play a role as a big bomb was dropped near the end of the episode. Cane and Lorenzo found themselves in a gunfight by those White racists. Thankfully, Gordo and Dru showed up and gave them the leverage they needed to escape.

However, all is not well because one of the guys shot in the back is a CI for Blanca people. Cane forgave his father after saving his life. Looks like Cane and Lorenzo are square and he has no plans to reveal to Monet he knew the truth about Zeke. Dru and Gordo shared a kiss that became intense. Dru falls in love quicker than you can count to three.

Something told me Detective Whitman breaking into the Tejeda home would not end well. It was a setup. As Whitman entered, Diana was also there, phoning 911 about an intruder. Whitman found himself confronted by Monet who had a gun in her hand and placed several bullets into Whitman killing him. Diana was not pleased, as she is in deeper because she is now an accomplice to murder. It was a treat seeing Diana deliver that wicked punch to her mother’s face. However, I don’t think Monet realizes the amount of heat that killing a detective will put on her and the Tejada family.

Tariq and Effie are bonding even more, but Tariq a massive betrayal is headed your way that will fracture this romance. Davis presented Monet with those police files that Whitman had and a bomb was dropped: Monet learned that Lorenzo’s fingerprints were at the crime scene of Zeke’s murder. She suspects something and it feels like she is a bit worried. Looking forward to next week’s episode to see what unfolds. Until then “Ghost” fanatics!