HOLLYWOOD—It was simply a matter of time before Victor Cassadine learned the truth on “General Hospital.” With Lucy Coe being an absolute idiot; I’m sorry that woman is an idiot and fell right into Victor’s trap. How so? An old guy who happened to be working for Valentin, got the goods on Lucy in costume and Felicia as well. Now that Victor knows Lucy is alive, the cover has also been exposed for Anna Devane and Valentin. Victor was not pleased that he has been hoodwinked by his son, his lover and Lucy (the woman who attempted to woo him with deception).

One thing we know Victor has a gun, he’s headed to the Nurses Ball and he is planning to get his revenge people. Victor was under the ruse that he had the real Ice Princess necklace with those coordinates (that is key people). Those coordinates play large into whatever Victor’s larger plan. That piece of jewelry could lead to a device or something big that Victor is ready to put into play. We know his family is at the core of this big plan, but exactly how, is still the big mystery the audience is waiting to receive an answer for.

In addition, Eileen, Victor’s spy at first has turned up dead. Her body was discovered in the water by Dex. Of course Victor realized Eileen was up to no good and he got rid of her. Eileen is dead! This has spooked a bevy of people for reasons I’m trying to understand in particular Drew. Yes, Drew was held captive by Victor, but that was under Victor’s programming. The writers constantly trying to insert Drew into storylines is just not working people at all. He just isn’t clicking right now as a character, because he has not been given a meaty storyline that helps.

Anna and Valentin were briefed on the news by Sonny, who helped arrange for them to be moved to a new safe house. Too late because Victor is already onto them and his threat level has intensified. I always thought a Sonny and Victor battle would be fun. The problem is Sonny is an anti-hero (there is good in him), Victor is a villain (there is no good in him). This man is ruthless, which means he is more dangerous. The only saving grace right now seems to be Spencer, but Spencer is connected to both Victor and Sonny by blood.

He has all the makings of a Cassadine, but also a Corinthos at the same time. Victor has no problem disposing of people who get in his way. Hell he framed Anna and utilized Holly to commit the crime people. Speaking of Holly Sutton, she is making a return to the soap in April, as well as Tracy Quartermaine just as the soap celebrates 60 years. That tells me something big is upon us as May Sweeps nears. Yes it was absolutely great to see the soap pay tribute with an entire episode to Nurse Epiphany Jones portrayed by Sonny Eddy who recently passed away.

That woman has been a staple on the soap for decades and she absolutely deserved her flowers and it was beyond moving to watch on the small screen. Did I want more than one episode honoring Eddy? Without a doubt, but we got something which is better than nothing. Cameron is now off the canvas as he has jetted to Stanford on scholarship. Oh, how convenient, considering he knows Joss’ little secret involving Dex, which Trina is also aware of people. Joss your secret is starting to spread and it’s only a matter of time before Sonny learns what’s going on and all hell is going to break loose.

Talk about betrayal: Sonny is going to learn that Carly, Michael, Trina, and Cameron, all knew this secret and kept it from him. Whew, the chaos that is coming is going to be explosive. I still hold on to my intuition that Spencer is going to be the one who exposes Dex and Josslyn’s relationship just as we near May Sweeps. Nina and Carly have called a ceasefire for the time being as Willow gets closer to her transplant, but I can sense Carly’s day of reckoning is coming and it’s long overdue America. When you do wrong there are consequences and Carly Spencer has yet to face them and it’s time for her to pay the music, along with Michael Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks.

Chase and Brook Lynn are still dancing around the status of their relationship. Gosh, I wish these two would just stop lying to themselves and have an honest conversation about where they stand so they can get on the right track. Linc and Blaze aren’t helping the situation as they continue to cause tension between the two. Do I see a Chase and Blaze hookup happening? Without a doubt, and that will only further hurt a reunion between Brook Lynn and Chase.

Back to Spencer, it looks like Victor might have his nephew under his thumb in his bigger mission as he’s reeling him in as Spencer wants to deal with Esme. Her memory is gone for now, but I’m hoping it returns. I like a conniving Esme, not the sweet, I’m innocent youngster. Spencer wants to protect his brother Ace, while Esme is looking for her independence. A big battle is brewing people. Ava is even planning for the day that the old Esme returns so “they can finish what they started.”

In addition, Ava and Austin are starting to be prodded by Felicia who wants to know what Ava and Austin where together on Spoon Island when Heather and Ryan Chamberlain cornered them. Simple: they were covering the ‘murder’ or Nikolas Cassadine which no one is still trying to figure out exactly where he is. If anyone, I would expect that Victor could locate his nephew; the resources this guy has is endless people, but he’s not aware just yet, but something tells me a lot of things are about to collide for an epic explosion of storylines.