HOLLYWOOD—This fifth season of the Starz hit “Power” has been a fun ride. It kicked off with a bang, and ended with an even bigger bang. Yes, I will admit there were a few episodes within the season that dragged a bit, but the last two episodes leading up to the season finale delivered plenty of surprises and twists. First, Kanan (50 Cent) met his demise at long last; Tommy learned that Tony Teresi was a snitch. I knew that secret would come out, but never in a million years did I expect Tommy to shoot and kill his own father.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the episode stop reading right now because some bombs are about to be dropped. The episode, ‘When This is Over’ kicked off with Angela finding herself in a major pickle after being cornered by the feds about her role with Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and everyone else. Angela found herself in a sticky situation involving the murder of Mike Sandoval, but knowing how calculating Angela is, she said not a single word. She thought and thought and thought as her attorney spoke. She knew they had no evidence against her, and she was ready to pull strings to save herself.

Tasha was none too pleased to see Terry who showed up unexpectedly at her hotel. Man, this guy has a bit of an obsession with Tasha. Tommy was on a downward spiral after killing his father. Angela spilled the tea to Tasha, Ghost and Tommy that they are all being investigated by the feds for a RICO case. The more you think about it, they are all culpable in a bunch of madness. The way this series writes how these characters find a way out of the most twisted situations leaves me baffled, but I love it. It’s the only series where I am always rooting for the bad guys. It’s all about witnesses, and preventing people from talking that was key to vindication for the fearless four.

That was a tense scene to say the least, just as Dre was getting busy, he found himself having to defend his baby mother and his child while naked. A major rift erupted between Tasha and LaKeisha, as her pal did her best to convince her friend not to speak a word, just as LaKeisha unleashed a bit of rage. So much to the point that she tossed her pal outside of her apartment, just before LaKeisha found herself in a tantalizing situation upon learning that Ghost was responsible for putting the plan in motion to murder Tommy’s father.

Gosh, I wish they would have whacked Joe, who is the biggest rat there could be this season. He is literally singing like a canary to anyone who will listen. Just as Angela felt the walls closing in on her, she refused to turn on Jaime aka Ghost. I’ll be honest I’ve always loved the relationship between Angela and Jaime. Tasha was livid to learn that Terry was attempting to woo her by working with the feds. Just as much as he attempted to sway her, she utilized her sex appeal to get him to do what she wanted. That scene where Ghost watching Terry and Tasha having sex in the parking lot from a distance was proof something chaotic was about to transpire before the episode culminated.

I was wondering all season long if Dre would finally meet his demise for his actions in season four. In an abandoned building, Dre found himself in a fight for his life with multiple parties looking to take him out.  He found himself shot by Tommy in the leg, but Angela’s ally came to the rescue in the nick of time. Oh, wow, this was the plan all along. I love it.

The fact that Angela took those pics sent them to Ghost and him utilizing that to get Tommy to take out Teresi set the stage for a ton of madness that is certain to be the focal point for season 6. I never expected LaKeisha to be so cunning, but I have to admit the character has annoyed me a lot lately, so to see her make a move was fun to watch, but I’m certain it will indeed catch up with her very soon. You’ll know why if you keep reading. When Tommy heard that recording it sent him into a rage, but more alarming was the fact that LaKeisha urged him to make the move against Ghost. It’s hard to believe all this madness from the past involving Maria Suarez is coming back to haunt Ghost, whose voice is his worst asset.

The final moments were tense to say the least changes EVERYTHING! Why? Tommy planned to shoot Ghost, but ended up shooting Angela right in the chest as she tried to save her lover. From a distance, Ghost spotted Tommy pulling the trigger, which means a war is about to explode on the series. That bullet made it look like Angela is indeed a goner, Ghost will be out for blood, where the hell is Terry, and how will LaKeisha pay for her deception.

Ugh, summer 2019 is too far to wait with that epic tease. “Power” is one hell of a series that knows how to leave the audience on edge and begging for more.