HOLLYWOOD—Tasha planned to teach Tariq the game, in hopes of ensuring she doesn’t lose another son on “Power.” I think Tasha is traveling down a dark path, and this episode proved that in its entirety. This week’s episode, ‘Deal With the Devil’ proved that loyalty is in the eye of the beholder. Things kicked off with Dre making threats against Saxe regarding his ankle bracelet. Looks like Dre is in a dicey situation because of Saxe, and even Ghost has severed ties with him as well.

Keisha was comfortable living her life in suburbia, just as Tommy taught Cash a lesson about being a Black man in the burbs. Saxe chatted with Tamika where he learned he could be spending time behind bars, just as he decided to pay a visit to Tariq to get information about Joe Proctor’s death. Tariq might be stupid at times, but at least he knows when and when not to chat with the authorities. Saxe is indeed desperate, as he later paid Keisha a visit and made threats, but he’s running into dead ends left and right America.

Tariq proved his intelligence, just as his learned his teacher assumed he was holding drugs. It looks like he was looking to score, versus worrying about his student’s wellbeing. Kate showed up unexpected to Tommy and Keisha’s home, and warned Keisha that Holly was murdered by Tommy for breaking his trust. That tale that Kate delivered shook Keisha people. Tasha started teaching Tariq the game and it became apparent the kid is in over his head.

He told his mom about his new teacher, just as Tasha’s mother walked in on something that worried her. Thank God, someone tried to talk some sense into Tasha about the path that she is traveling down and it shook her a bit. Ghost on the flip side tried to persuade his son to get his footing out the drug game, just as Ramona met Tariq. Cooper paid Blanca a visit asking for her assistance and she obliged.

Saxe delivered Intel about Keisha being a link to the end of all their problems. Blanca paid Dre a visit and learned that Kanan did not murder Raymond Jones. Looks like Blanca is looking to nail Saxe, just as Dre spilled that it was Tariq who may have killed Ray Ray. Hmm, this is not good people. Rashad was placed in the hot seat preparing for a debate that could determine the trajectory of his campaign for Governor of New York.

Be careful where you talk, Rashad learned the hard way as a hot mic exposed some truths about what he really thinks about the residents of New York. The audience can thank Ghost and Derrick for taking him down a notch. Ramona warned Rashad that he might want to step out of the race, but he refused. It looks like Rashad might be ready to make his move against Ghost of his deception.

Tariq spilled to his mom the dirt on his new teacher, which left Tasha slightly reeling. Blanca paid Keisha a visit and she was rattled that her son could end up as collateral damage because of Tommy’s actions. Blanca sure as hell scared Keisha with threatening Cash going into foster care, which forced Keisha to sign a document saying she would cooperate. Have to say Blanca is baller, but she might be setting herself up to take a fall in the near future also.

Ramona and Ghost have been dancing around their relationship for weeks, and it’s so evident to the audience that these two are into one another. Cash informed Tommy that Keisha was pulled over by the cops and it raised his blinders immediately. He sparked a conversation with his lover about the cops pulling her over and Tommy showed his true colors, which rattled Keisha. She confessed she knew that Tommy killed Holly because Kate informed him. She learned that Tommy paid off the house, and it seems her worries may have intensified people.

Tommy informed Ghost they have to make a move against Saxe, as Ghost wanted to steer clear of the authorities. Blanca is proving once again that she can be annoying as hell, as she paid a visit to Ghost making threats per usual. Blanca stole a glass with James’ DNA, just as Keisha backed out of a deal with the feds, but was scared of the thought of losing her son. Ghost and Tommy busted in on Saxe in a compromising position and the guy the audience wanted dead was on life support. Tommy was mere seconds from taking Saxe out of his misery, but Ghost saved his life.

Darn, but the good thing is that Saxe is now working for Ghost and Tommy and it looks like Blanca is about to take a major fall. Blanca don’t be so certain all is good, because you might see yourself as the new enemy for targeting Keisha, Cash and Tariq. News spread about Tariq picking up Kanan’s ashes and that the cops are onto the fact that Tariq is culpable in Ray Ray’s death.

Tasha realized she was going to have to make a deal with the devil aka Keisha to protect the thing she values most. Blanca showed her prowess which worried Tasha to the core. Ghost was stunned to learn that his project to honor his daughter’s legacy was over as Rashad dealt a blow to his ally. Saxe pleaded his case to his boss, but was stunned to learn he got fired.

Keisha was busy packing things to flee, just as Tasha stopped by and the blaze blew up bigger. Tasha warned her pal not to run, but Tasha was not willing to let her pal flee. Wow, Tommy and Cash were busy looking at engagement rings as it became clear Tommy was ready to propose marriage. This is so messed up. Tasha and Keisha got into a catfight, and the struggle over the gun led to a battle where Tasha fatally shot Keisha, before finishing the job. I KNEW Keisha was going to fall and it would be Tasha to do it to protect Tariq!

This absolutely changes EVERYTHING! I thought Tommy really wanted Ghost dead, but he’s going to be after Tasha like a hawk people. I think Tasha killing Keisha might have signed her death warrant. That final scene of Tommy walking into the home and spotting Keisha’s body was devastating and I mean devastating. He knew something was up and prevented Cash from finding his mother’s body, as he collapsed after seeing her bloody body.

This episode delivered on so many fronts, I can only imagine what other chaos is headed in our direction, so much for the feds case, it’s about to blew up in their face. I CANNOT wait until next Sunday’s episode of “Power” as we’re reaching the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale!