HOLLYWOOD—I literally thought last Sunday’s episode of “Power” was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in the series in a long time. So the question churning in my head was just how in the world they planned to follow-up with such riveting television. Well episode six, ‘Inside Man’ saw two enemies being forced to align to take out a bigger threat. What the hell? Did Tariq really just con Ghost and Tommy to bring in money? Oh, hell naw, this kid is pissing me off more and more by the minute.

I’ve never wanted a character to receive a comeuppance as much as Tariq. It’s long overdue and it’s time for him to be taught a lesson. Tommy and Ghost came to an agreement to rescue Tariq, but I wonder what they plan to do with this kid once they discover his latest plan. Ghost asked Rashad to loan him $1 million to get the funds for Tariq, but Tate was not willing to budge. However, Ghost utilized leverage against Rashad to get what he needed.

Rashad make it clear that he wants to go to war with Ghost, and I cannot wait to see the battle explode between these two. Tommy delivered massive product and a huge check to Jason to ‘rescue’ Tariq. Too bad Tariq has no idea he is about to be double crossed. Dre was brought on board by Ghost to help with the plan, with one precaution: Ghost still didn’t trust him. Detective Rodriguez was once again sticking her nose where she belongs, as questions were raised about Joe Proctor’s shooting.

Tariq, Tariq, you are in hot water, just as Tasha learned via Vincent that her son is in dicey water. This kid is playing everyone like a puppet master. Keisha was livid to learn that she has to align with Ghost and Tasha. Keisha and Tasha were still at war, as Ghost and Tommy tried to maintain the peace.

Tasha was trying to school Keisha on how to ensure her books look tight. Zig pressured Tasha into handing over phones, which Keisha immediately picked up on. So it looks like frenemies, might become allies again to take out a common threat. Tasha’s stripper pal was moving quite a bit of product people. Damn, Dre is cruel; to move his product he was willing to kill without any hesitation. Ghost, Dre, Tommy and Tasha certainly moved enough product to earn all the funds needed to save Tariq.

Ghost and Tommy spoke about their predicament; what happens between these two pals turned enemies turned allies; they are still planning to take out one another. However, Jason interrupted Tommy and Ghost’s plans to deliver that money to Vincent. Ghost and Tommy lost half of the funds they just busted their tails earning.

Vincent was not pleased with the funds delivered to him and Tariq found himself getting a beating courtesy of a bag of fruit, and I must say I did not feel sorry for the kid one bit. Oh, Vincent you might have just signed your death warrant. Tasha and Keisha were not pleased to learn that Tariq is still in Vincent’s custody, but when she revealed she has a connection, Tommy and Ghost were stunned. Keisha was really not happy having to align with Tasha and Ghost, which prompted our protagonist to go to Joe’s cousin, Benny to help with moving drugs.

Again Sgt. Rodriguez dropped a bomb on Tasha that Joe is dead, hmm, it looks like the authorities are constantly running into dead ends and Tariq talking will determine how things end up. Rashad threatened James to deliver his funds ASAP otherwise chaos will ensue. Tasha pulled some strings to get Tariq to meet with the police to discuss the shooting at James’ home. The lie Tariq told the police was ridiculously hilarious, even though, we know he’s a guilty party.

When Tasha saw the bruises on her son, it boiled her blood. Tasha came up with a genius idea to raise funds at Ghost’s club and use that money to get Tariq back. Tommy and his pal kidnapped one of Vincent’s goons as leverage and it’s quite smart to say the least. Rashad was surprised to see his ‘money’ back in his account. Oh, the games that people play. Dre was not pleased to see Tommy’s goons at Rashad’s fundraiser, which had him flee the scene in a hurry.

Guns were drawn, just as Rashad suspected something wasn’t as it seemed. The acting was so bad; anyone should have been able to pick-up that this was a set-up. Alfonz was busted red-handed, and Tate was forced to fire a bullet in his chest. Hmm, maybe this was James’ plan all along; make Tate look like a hero. It did indeed work as the media ate it up, but it raised the eyebrows for Ramona. Ghost and Tommy brought Vince’s remaining payment in exchange for Tariq. Benny arrived to the scene to alert Vincent a threat against Tariq is a war against him. Hmm, I did not see this twist coming. So did Ghost reveal that Tommy killed Joe or was that an unveiled threat?

Ghost didn’t know, but he spilled to Tasha that Tariq was aware that Tommy killed Joe Proctor. Really LaKeisha, you’re not putting a bullet into Ghost. If anything Ghost will place a bullet into you. Just when the viewers thought the war was simmering down, it boils over yet again. I’ll admit episode six was not as explosive as I wanted it to be, but more groundwork is being laid for what is certain to be a spectacular end for the season. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!