HOLLYWOOD─I will admit I have not be super excited about the first two episodes of “Power” because it seems all is being told in reverse order, and no major bombshells have been dropped to leave me gasping. I mean we are in the midst of the final episodes of the series, I just expected more. This week’s episode ‘It’s All Your Fault’ turned the focus on Tommy. Yes, it seems each week a character intertwined with Ghost is getting his or her highlight tale.

Things kicked off with Tommy cleaning up the mess of murdering Benny, who retaliated after he killed Joe Proctor. Dear ole mom came to his aide, but he was stuck in a trance. Tommy still thinks Ghost killed LaKeisha, man is he in for a rude awakening when he learns Tasha committed the deed. So we meet Aunt Dolores, Benny’s sister. Elisa Marie suspected her Uncle Benny was dead because he hadn’t been heard from in several hours. Dolores and Vincent seem to have history, as we learn her family has strong ties to the criminal world thanks to her Uncle Carlo. Tommy is indeed a mama’s boy people and its bad. Fear has riddled across the tough guy’s persona, and he wants to trek to California for safety.

Tommy is delusional, as his mother spoke plenty of sense that Tommy refused to look at. Elisa Marie listened to that recording her father gave to her, just as Dolores overheard. Chatter about Tommy came front and center, which caused a trigger for Dolores and Alicia to pinpoint that Tommy murdered Joe. They gave the audio to Tariq who feigned ignorance, just as Dolores tried to push the envelope. Tariq you are smart, but Dolores is smarter, and put all the pieces to the puzzle together in record timing.

Tariq alerted Tommy that he’s in major danger, and that Joe’s daughter and aunt have that recording in their possession. Blanca questioned Tommy about LaKeisha’s murderer, but he was refusing to throw his pal under the bust. Tommy spotted those earrings in LaKeisha’s belongings and it left him unnerved. Tasha you are busted! Wow, Tommy pulled out a gun and was ready to take out a former ally. Tommy was livid, just as Tasha pleaded her case, but he didn’t pull the trigger, as least not yet.

Tommy spilled the tea he knows he didn’t kill Keisha, but the talk about the recording came back front-and-center. The thought that Benny’s pals were after him, proved to be incorrect, just as Tommy paid a visit to the home where Elisa Marie was staying. Tommy murdered both goons, before breaking into the home hoping to get his hands on that recording. He rattled Elisa Marie, and took her hostage to discover how she learned about the recording.

Dolores snapped when she discovered her niece missing, and Uncle Carlo made his presence known. Tommy’s mother talks too much and delivered Elisa Marie the Intel on Jamie and Ghost. The little girl connected two dots and learned Jamie and Ghost are the same person. Elisa Marie point blank asked Tommy if he murdered her father, and he didn’t straight out say it, but he certainly alluded to it. After learning about Dre, Tommy released Elisa Marie without hurting a hair on the kid.

Tommy realized that Ghost was his pal all along, and Tariq tried to push back, which prompted Tommy to share a bit of knowledge. Vincent tried to corner Tommy, but found himself on the retrieving end of a major beat down. Making the situation worst was Tommy learning that Tariq was the one who snitched on him. Tommy entered the nightclub, and found Ghost’s bloody body lying on the floor. It was apparent that Tommy knows who killed Ghost and was ready to pull the trigger, but Ghost made it clear to let it be.

So now it’s official, we saw Ghost actually die in Tommy’s arms. Damn this is twisted, the killer was right in our presence, but we didn’t even get to see them yet. Tommy’s mother was certain that Tommy murdered Ghost, but if she only knew. She received funds courtesy of Ghost, as did Tommy, his classic vehicle. Tommy learned that Spanky was the snitch, and he took him out. Elisa Marie revealed to Tommy she knew he killed her father, just as she gave him the recording that he destroyed. So Tommy drove off in the sunset, which gives me the inclination that Tommy’s arc has concluded.

So with only two episodes left, we have four suspects remaining and my money is on Tariq or Tasha, but to be honest, I think its Tasha because Tommy saw the face of Ghost’s killer and he was livid, so Tasha seems culpable. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!