HOLLYWOOD—Last week I made a bold prediction for the near future on the Starz series “Power.” Well, that prediction came true in this week’s episode, ‘King’s Gambit.’ SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched the episode, stop reading right now! Tariq is getting closer and closer to his new pal, while also finding himself in hot water with Vincent to get ‘double’ the product now that he’s been exposed.

Ramona and Rashad were stunned to learn that Ghost is stepping back a bit from the political arena. Tate was happy about the news, while Ramona tried to convince Ghost not to step down. Hmm, Tate it does not look like you’re going to get your way. Saxe and Blanca deduced that it was impossible for Ghost to shoot Angela, as she was shot in the back. For once, I’m actually happy Blanca is speaking sense, noting that Saxe and Ghost were tied to everyone who has died in the attorney’s office so far.

Finally, someone caught a clue, and realized that Ghost knows Angela’s killer. Dre had a conversation with Saxe wanting more Intel from his source. Warner learned that Saxe leaked details about Maria Saurez and he was not happy to say the least. Um, Saxe you look like you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Looks like I’m about to sign another death warrant this time in the direction of Cooper Saxe. The guy is got damn dirty and has been responsible for many deaths.

Tommy and Tasha talked about running money through her daycare, but Tasha was not happy to hear that Keisha is now fully immersed in the drug game. Tommy is starting to question Tasha, as she steered him from targeting Ghost at his penthouse. It has been confirmed that Proctor’s wife died, Saxe no longer has a leash on his inside source.

Tasha met with a man who made threats in demands for money since her daycare has infiltrated his turf. So the question is will she reveal those details to Ghost or Tommy. We know someone is going to take this threat out for her, it’s just who and when. Like I said, Dre would be the number one man for Jason. The writing on the wall can be seen from a million miles away. Joe was alarmed when he received a visit from the feds about his ex’s death, just as Saxe retrieved that recording device.

Tariq snuck back into Tommy’s joint to steal more supply, but altered the supply with fakes, and he was caught red-handed by his new girl pal. Joe was spiraling with the thought of Maria turning on Ghost. Guess what Joe, the feds are lying to you, and taking that information to Ghost only opens up a web of more deception and chaos.

Just as Ramona predicted Tate bombed, and wants Ghost back on the team. Vincent issued threats against Tariq just as he delivered the product. Tommy had a knife to Joe’s throat, about his duplicity involving Alicia Jimenez. Hmm, Joe you’re trying to play double agent between Tommy and Ghost; very dangerous to say the least buddy. Tasha was attempting to return some items, but was surprised to come face-to-face with Keisha who was busy doing plenty of shopping.

Keisha inquired about Holly with Tasha, and the former bestie revealed that Holly got in over her head. In so many words, Holly was taken out by Tommy, and Keisha could be next. Saxe played audio of Proctor allowing his ex to die. Saxe is a dirty dog, so if he dies I will be shouting to the mountain tops. I’ve never seen Joe spiral like this, and he divulged to Benny that Tommy killed Angela. After much back and forth, Proctor revealed to Saxe that Tommy Egan killed Angela, and he was not happy to hear that. Yeah, Saxe, it looks like you’ve been hoodwinked buddy.

Tariq’s dirty deeds has caught up to him, he was busted for dealing pills. Tasha was not happy with the outcome, not to mention someone put a beating on his face. Things got more interesting when Tariq realized his lady friend was the snitch. Ghost’s day got chaotic after he decided to house Joe and his daughter. Ghost was livid to learn that Tariq was expelled because he was selling drugs. Ghost tried to talk some sense into Tariq, but his son refused to see the light of the day.

Joe did his best to reassure his daughter that nothing will happy to her. If that is not a foreshadowing of things to come in the near future than I don’t know what is. Tasha started spilling all sorts of tea that ultimately explains how this episode ends. First talking about Keisha, Holly, Tariq and now Joe. What? It looks like the friendship between Tasha and Tommy is over, this is a very and I mean very interesting development. Why do I feel like Tasha moving product is about to be the worst thing for her to date.

Tommy broke into Maria’s apartment, but hid in the closet after Maria and Saxe arrived. Saxe unexpectedly revealed Joe’s involvement, and Tommy had no trouble placing a bullet in Maria’s head. Looks like Saxe is responsible for the death of another person. Looks like Ramona and Ghost are getting closer. Tommy learned where Joe was hiding out and used Tariq to take out Joe Proctor, without Tariq having a clue of the situation. Tariq overheard Alicia crying as she viewed photos of her mother. Hmm, it looks like Tariq knows that Joe is in danger, at least he was wise enough to save Alicia.

Tommy unleashed major gunfire on Joe, who fired back. Damn Tommy is destroying Ghost’s penthouse. It was heartbreaking to hear Alicia talk to her father during his final moments. What was worse was watching Tariq witness it all. Making the situation worst was the fact that Tommy killed Joe in Raina’s room. If Tommy is trying to piss Ghost and Tasha off, he’s doing a fantastic job. Tariq received a visit from Vincent, and it looks like this web is about to get tangled more than I know.

Saxe you’re responsible for the murders of Maria and Joe, just as Blanca did her best to get answers. Ghost received a call from Tariq alerting his father he might be in danger. He also contacted Tommy, and the former enemies were forced to align otherwise Vincent planned to murder Tariq. Oh, this might have been the best episode so far this season, and we’re only on episode five America! We still have 10 more to go. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!