HOLLYWOOD—Last week, “Power” fans were dealt a devastating blow when we learned that prosecutor Angela Valdez was indeed killed by that bullet to the chest by Tommy Egan. The war between Ghost and Tommy is in full-force and that was further explored in this week’s episode, ‘Whose Side Are You On.’ Ghost was forced to empty his pockets to pay off Tommy’s boss for initiating an assault on his organization. Wow, it looks like Ghost has made another enemy who could see his life over before the season culminates.

What? Ghost actually thinks he killed Tommy, oh, will he be surprised to learn that Tommy is very much alive, and Jason, let Ghost think Tommy is indeed dead. Joe informed Ghost that he received custody papers, just as he spilled tea about Tommy’s death. So we have two frenemies doing their best to stay under the radar. This will be interesting to see considering, how small, yet big the city of New York is.

Once again Blanca is getting on my final nerves; Tasha was inquired about the disappearance of Terry Silver. Tasha is no idiot even though Blanca seems to think otherwise. Angela’s sister cleaned out her office, just as Saxe inquired about Angela’s assets being frozen because of her allegiance to Ghost. This did not make Angie’s sister happy, and Saxe was forced to face transgressions from his past. The divorce between James and Tasha is about to get dirty; and she wants HALF, yes, HALF of everything.

That prenuptial agreement places Tasha in quite a bind America. Ghost placed his ex in a dicey situation forcing her to go to Angela’s funeral in a showcasing of solidarity and to prove his innocence. What the hell with Tariq trying to be a drug dealer? This kid is doing all in his power to prove that he is a thug, but he is nothing more than a wannabe. Saxe was hoping to place a bug on Joe to get details on his business affairs. Saxe is playing dirty, and I’m not certain how this will all pan out in due time.

Keisha alerted Tommy she did not want him spending more time with Tasha. However, it looks like the friendship between Tasha and Keisha is long over. Whoa, this woman is putting her foot down and it looks like she is making enemies and that is very concerning. Tommy is being placed in a twisted web. Tariq received a visit from his father, where the level of disrespect continued.

Ghost explained to his son that Tommy was ‘dead’ and spilled the tea that Tommy was responsible for Angela’s death. He lied directly to Tariq about forcing Tommy to murder his father. However, Tariq gave his father the cold shoulder per usual. Tommy learned from Tariq that Ghost thinks he is dead, and Tariq has placed himself in the middle of a war; that is not good. This kid must really hate his father. Rashad questioned James about Angela’s demise, which annoyed him to the core.

Tasha was not happy to hear that Tariq did not tell his father that Tommy is alive. Tommy is playing with fire speaking to Tasha against Keisha’s wishes. She started to realize killing Ghost places her in a position to ensure she gets all assets from her hubby. Paz discovered a burner phone Angie kept to communicate with Ghost, who immediately took the bait to meet with her. Joe was not pleased to find himself in a situation where his ex was seeking custody of their daughter.

Paz was surprised to see Tasha and not Jamie when she sent that text. She wanted blood, and Tasha told Angie’s sister, that she had no intent on turning on Jamie. Paz was livid to learn that Tasha was holding that phone that could change everything. It looks like these two women are about to come to a meeting of the minds. That phone is dangerous. Blanca once again poked her nose in Tasha’s world, where the notion of throwing Ghost under the bus for Terry’s disappearance became tempting. Candidate for Governor, Rashad Tate faced a bit of heat from the public regarding failing to live up to his promises. Yeah, it didn’t look like Rashad was not happy to see Jamie take over his press conference.

Tommy was planning to make a move against Ghost, but found himself kidnapped by Jason’s goons. Why? If he kills Ghost it places his organization in a dicey situation, and he loses that opportunity to bring in that extra money. Tommy also found himself in the crosshairs of Jason, so it seems like Jason is absolutely setting himself to be murdered by Tommy or Ghost or both of them. Tasha questioned Ghost about Terry’s disappearance. Damn, Ghost’s pockets are taking a hit, now he has to pay off Tasha to keep her quiet.

Tariq is learning that his little drug organization might be in trouble by a female who is threatening spilled to the authorities. Hmm, I wonder who this person is. Tommy tried to wine and dine Keisha, but she was not happy to learn her lover was messing around with the enemy. Why do I since Keisha is going to ask Tommy to kill Tasha? Tariq met the possible snitch, who realized he was nothing more than a stereotype. He tried to tempt her with money; he’s trying to build an empire, and this little turd, what the hell?

Rashad planned to utilize a face from Ghost’s past to take him down, which resulted in the audience seeing Rashad show his dirty side yet again. Like I said, the narrative is already setting all the pieces to take down many players this season. We can now add Rashad to that list America. The episode culminated with Ghost, Tasha and a host of others attending Angela’s funeral. Paz was doing her best to discover what Angela’s intent was, she learned that funeral costs were taken care of, but it wasn’t James who took care of it. She refused to turn over any evidence to Saxe. Damn, Paz is gangsta; she placed that phone in the casket to protect her sister.

Angela’s funeral was one hell of a show, as workers, family and friends came to pay their respects. Tommy showed up to Angela’s funeral. It sent Ghost’s blood boiling. The galls on this guy to show remorse to the family of the woman he murdered. The smirk on Tasha’s face when she saw Tommy said everything. Why? Ghost looked like a deer in headlights. Oh, this is about to get real good. Tariq has recruited another distributor, just as Joe’s daughter had a tail placed on her backpack.

Dre was shaking in his boots about testifying against the Jimenez family. Dre learned that Angela was dead and it left him rattled to say the least, and I suspect Ghost might use Dre as a supplier so that he can take out Tommy. Jason is playing chess and not checkers and its quite fun to watch to say the least. We’re only 2 episodes in, and we still have 13 left; I have no clue how things will culminate, but I’m eager to watch. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!