HOLLYWOOD—This was a great episode, where the audience learned even more about the risks characters are willing to take to get ahead. This latest episode of “Power,” ‘Why is Tommy Still Alive’ kicked off with Ghost suffering from hallucinations where he thought Angela was still alive when she was very much dead. Guilt was eating away at Ghost in a major way America. Tommy was frustrated to see his mother was back in town visiting him. Mother does indeed know best as she raised his blinkers in regards to LaKeisha.

Saxe was not happy to listen to audio where he learned no new Intel regarding Ghost and his possible tie to Angela’s death. When Joe brought Dre to meet Ghost, our protagonist nearly snapped; he was ready to take out Dre without hesitation. Dre is playing double agent and he needs to be very careful because I know he will get burnt.

Tasha made contact with Quentin, a new guy who isn’t going to make Ghost happy. Rashad made a move against Ghost that did not make him happy. Ghost thought he was being clever causing a disruption in Tommy’s plans to deliver his drugs to his clients. So at last, we know how Tariq has been getting his supply; he’s been stealing it from Tommy. Jeez, this kid is not only an idiot, but enjoys playing with fire way too much. Tasha and Quentin nearly took their relationship to the next level real quick, but she managed to catch herself. It became clear Tasha was more concerned about another lover having a date with the Grim Reaper. Let’s be honest any guy Tasha dates post Ghost has ended up in a body bag.

Saxe made a stupid mistake by going to visit the witness who could identify Ghost. Dre relayed those details to Ghost who paid Maria Suarez a visit. It was assumed Ghost was about to take out the threat, but instead he paid her off, just as Dre was snitching to the feds. Did you see how nervous Dre was in that car? Yeah, Ghost realized that, and has placed that in the back of his pocket for a later date.

I pointed out before that Dre is going to immerse himself into Jason’s organization. The guy just loves to be a power player, even though he doesn’t have that much power to begin with. Tommy learned where the Italians are getting their product: it was Tariq! This little rascal; this kid is so determined to prove that he is a gangster I fear how things will turn out for him.

Even in his sister’s death, he still doesn’t realize he has put all this chaos into motion. Tommy made threats before realizing he was in over his head. Saxe gave some unsolicited advice to Joe about his custody battle, which led to Joe doing the unthinkable if you ask me. We’ll talk more about that later.

Tommy confronted Tariq about his decision to try to be a drug pusher. He lied saying he got the product from Kanan, which we all know was a lie. Tariq has really placed himself in a dangerous predicament; in a war battle where multiple people see him as expendable. Ghost came face-to-face with Quentin and I got the feeling these two know each other in some sort of fashion. Just that look Quentin gave Ghost made it appear that he knows this guy. Tommy’s mother warned him about LaKeisha, and I suspect Keisha will die before the season culminates, but I expected Ghost or Tasha to take her out, now I suspect it might be Tommy of all people. We know what he did to Holly and look what he did to his own father; the guy is ruthless America.

Joe’s scheme to dismantle his ex, had deadly consequences as it looks like he sent her spiraling with that fake letter and she immediately got high. She overdosed and instead of Joe calling for help, Joe let her slowly die in front of him. Ugh, I sense a death warrant is headed Joe’s way before the series ends. That was a cruel move buddy, and places your daughter in a worse situation if you die or get busted by the feds. Tasha warned Quentin to be careful with her ex; he didn’t seem concerned, but he should be. The episode culminated with Ghost admitting to a ‘visionary’ Angela that he killed Terry Silver. My question is: where is the body?

These hallucinations are becoming more intense, and I’m starting to wonder: is Angela really dead? Could someone have her in the eye witness protection program and that body we say wasn’t Angela to begin with? We shall see. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!