HOLLYWOOD—It is the last season of the hit Starz series, “Power,” which I have been eagerly waiting for. I mean this series is so damn good it’s like “Breaking Bad.” You want to binge watch every episode so that you get caught up. On top of that, it is a series where anyone at any given time can die. Yes, what happened at the end of season five set the stage for all-out war between Tommy and Ghost aka James St. Patrick. The premiere episode delivered one hell of a shocker, SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the premiere stopping reading NOW!

The premiere episode ‘Murderers’ kicked off with a bang with the audience learning that Angela Valdez is deed. Yes, the writers killed Angela, a core character and this changed everything America. Ghost is out for blood, but he is really out for blood. The war between Tommy and Ghost has been ignited in the past, but this is not one that Ghost will allow to slide without placing Tommy in a body bag. Ghost was rattled, Tommy was rattled, Tasha was rattled, the DOJ was rattled; Angela’s demise has opened all sorts of doors for storytelling.

Tasha did not seem stunned by the news that Angela was dead, but was livid that Tommy was attempting to take out the father of her children. I mean she just buried her daughter, Raina, I don’t think Tasha, as much as she hates Ghost wants him dead. On top of that, Joe Proctor, gave inaccurate information to James that lead to him meeting Angela under the assumption that she was about to turn on him. Ghost was livid, and spilled that Tommy murdered Angela, but he was not willing to share those details to the authorities in any shape, way or form. So only Tommy, Ghost, Tasha and Joe know who murdered Angie, but I know this truth is going to come out sooner than later.

The United States Department of Justice is an utter mess in the unexpected death of Angela. Yes, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the writers actually killed off Angela, but this is where we stand. A new man is in power, and he does not suffer fools easily. Tameika is out and Cooper Saxe is doing all in his power to maintain his job, while getting ‘vengeance’ for Angela, under the guise that James was responsible for Angela’s fatal shooting. We all know that not to be true, but this is a guy who has his back against the wall, and is doing all in his power to prove he is better than he actually is at his job.

We all know the real witness was Maria Suarez, not Angela. I will admit I have never been annoyed by three characters in a TV series more than I have by Lakeisha, Saxe and Sgt. Blanca Rodriguez. Ugh, Rodriguez is that annoying character, who just doesn’t realize she is constantly sticking her nose where it does NOT belong. I would be excited with glee if she meets her maker this season more than Keisha and Saxe combined.

Tommy asked Lakeisha to get rid of evidence that would implicate him in Angela’s murder, and she reluctantly agreed to do so. I hate to say this, but Tommy has signed Lakeisha’s death warrant. The fact that she was the one to deliver those details to Tommy in the first place implicating Ghost’s role in his father’s death is unexpected karma if you ask me when it arrives.

Tariq is still being a foul-mouthed, disrespectful, disloyal, pompous little brat. This kid seriously has some nerve. The level of disrespect for his father and his mother just appalls me. This kid needs more than to be scared straight; he needs his a** whopped. I still cannot believe Tasha and Ghost haven’t ripped into their son. You’re the parents, not Tariq. Making the situation worse is the fact that Tariq wants to place himself in the middle of a war between his father and Tommy. Not smart kid, not smart at all.

Tasha asked for a divorce, just as she was certain that Ghost murdered Terry Silver who was working with the feds. Ghost did place Terry in a choke hold, but the audience does not know that for certain. Proctor who we all know is a schemer, and I think he might have a visit from the Grim Reaper before the season culminates. I mean Ghost has initiated an attack on a drug lord’s turf, forcing Tommy to realize that Ghost is actually a ghost; you don’t know when and where he will strike and right now he seems to be always watching. His former bestie.

I thought this final season was only 10 episodes, but its 15 episodes, so that makes me feel that there is PLENTY of story to tell, which means plenty of bodies could drop before this war between Tommy and Ghost culminates. Ghost doesn’t just have to worry about Tommy; he has to worry about Tasha, who is out for blood. This guilty pleasure I’m certain is going to go out with a bang, and I have the jitters of “Breaking Bad” where anyone can die at any given time, no one is safe and that is some of the best TV to watch. “Power” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.