“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Cat’s Cradle’

Emily and Aria

HOLLYWOOD—Episode three “Cat’s Cradle” continued to dive into the speculation involved in who may have killed Detective Darren Wilden.  The liars began combing through old items of Alison’s.  Mrs. Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) basked in happiness with her burgeoning relationship with her pasty chef beau; things must be serious as he asked her to travel with him overseas.

The liars were stunned to find a strange looking mask of Alison’s, just as Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) returned back to Rosewood.  Spencer (Troian Bellisario) confronted her big sis, as the duo exchanged an awkward conversation.  Threats were made and accusations were thrown.  Melissa is one of those characters that is so difficult to figure out; you never know if she’s good or bad. It seemed like eons since we last saw Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) converse with girlfriend Hanna (Ashley Benson).  It looks like the couple is indeed having some relationship problems amidst “A’s” shenanigans. Spencer did her best to crack the mysterious caller from the number that Tippi continued to sing. “Its always felt like a she hasn’t it,” said Toby.  Interesting factoid, the more that you think about it, his point that “A” just might be female is not that difficult to grasp. Hanna continued to grill her mother about her time spent inNew York, as it became obvious that Ms. Marin (Laura Leighton) was annoyed with the continued interrogation.

Aria (Lucy Hale) did her best to build her relationship with Jake (Ryan Guzman), but it was quite obvious she still had Ezra on the mind.  Hanna paid mommy a visit at work and decided to snoop around when the opportunity presented itself.  She found a note which proved her mother lied about seeing a show while inNew York.  Just who is Ashley protecting or what is she hiding that she doesn’t want Hanna to learn.  Emily was surprised when Mrs. Fields (Nia Peeples) came to pick her up from school; she scolded her daughter about taking medication that was prescribed for her.  It was an awkward situation as the mother-daughter duo created a scene.  Aria shortly received a text from “A” which caused her to think that perhaps her mother was “A’s” next target.

Hanna decided to visit the police station where she discovered the authorities have a board of all the potential suspects connected to Detective Wilden’s murder case.  Before she could take a picture of the board, Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) caught her off guard.  Hanna was surprised to see Melissa at the police station as well; it also looked like Melissa wasn’t expecting to see one of the liars their either.

Caleb confronted Mr. Marin about the death of Detective Wilden.  Never thought about this, but he could be a suspect in Wilden’s death, especially if Ashley informed him that Wilden was threatening his daughter. Aria peeled the porcelain from the mysterious mask found in Alison’s things and discovered that it was a face of Alison. Spencer and Toby snuck into Radley to discover more information about his mother’s death, where Toby reenacted his mother’s final moments and discovered “A” may have used him.

The liars discovered an address of the man who created the mask for Alison. Hanna took initiative to go visit the mysterious mask maker, “Do we have to wait for Nancy Drew,” said a frustrated Hanna.  She does appear to have point; Spencer has always been the go to person for the liars, so when she’s M.I.A. they seem lost at times, but not Hanna. Hanna, Aria and Emily were frightened when they came face-to-face with the mysterious mask maker; the guy oozed creepiness.

He informed the girls that Alison was a model for his mask making skills. He offered a bargain to the girls where he would provide information if Emily would allow him to use her face as a mask.  Hanna snooped as Emily and Aria questioned him.  Hanna stole one of the masks, as Emily nearly suffered a panic attack after having her face molded.

Mr. Marin confronted Caleb about what he may have known about Ashley being in Rosewood the night Detective Wilden died.  Caleb continued to dig deep into the situation, where Mr. Marin revealed a gun that he kept locked in his desk had gone missing. Things do not look good for Ashley, if she didn’t kill Wilden, I have no idea who could have. Perhaps “A” made it appear that way.

Emily was not too happy when her mom revealed that family services contacted her thinking that she may be abusing her daughter.  Our emotional liar was not too pleased with the news that “A” is targeting her mom.  Looks like Aria is hoping to send her mom away to protect her from “A.” It was not easy for Aria to convince her mom to take the journey, but it appeared to work!  Why aren’t the other liars as smart as Aria?  If you want to protect your parents from “A” send them far away from Rosewood. Checkmate ‘A!’

Hanna revealed to Spencer the mask that she stole, which was of Melissa!  As both girls stated, either Melissa followed Alison or Alison followed Melissa, but an even bigger bombshell is the fact that both ladies could have been working together.  I don’t peg those two as BFF’s, but it would be something no one would ever suspect; two enemies working together to bring down an even bigger baddie.

Hanna returned home still concerned about her mother’s well-being as she sat in the bathroom in a daze. Spencer had a chat with Melissa about Hanna being at the police station, she remained coy about the situation.  Spencer did her best to keep the mask hidden from her big sister.  Melissa is quite a threatening presence, as she asked her sister would she protect her over someone else.  It’s almost as if Melissa was suggesting she did something to save Spencer.  Did she commit murder? Cover up a crime or something else?

The final moments saw “A” playing a record that was old school, as they examined an X-ray of Emily’s shoulder injury. Why would “A” be using that photo against Emily, and what is the ultimate goal for the liars?  Season four is turning out to be one of the most puzzling seasons yet, but it’s so intriguing to continue to watch what secrets will be unearthed.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson