HOLLYWOOD—If you were hoping to learn just who Mary Drake’s second child is, the reveal came a lot sooner than expected, as for A.D. we’ll have to wait a bit longer. The summer finale for “Pretty Little Liars” didn’t reveal that bombshell, but ‘The DArkest Knight,’ yes a clever take on Christopher Nolan’s famed Batman trilogy did deliver some surprises for audiences.

Considering news was revealed Monday that season 7 would be the LAST SEASON (yup, it’s coming to an end people) for “Pretty Little Liars” the stakes for this finale were quite high. Death returned to Rosewood and in a big way. SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t watched the summer finale STOP READING NOW!

The episode opened with Aria, Spencer, Alison, Caleb, Emily and Mona all discussing the latest situation involving Jenna, Noel and Sara Harvey. “Wake up b****!” What a classic line from Hanna who decided she was ready to torture Noel for all the grief he caused her and she wanted answers, and with knife in hand, Hanna was not messing around people. The authorities canvassed Spencer’s home to gather details regarding Hanna, Jenna and Noel. Well, the sparks are still there people between Spencer and Toby, but a pec on the cheek from Spencer to Detective Marco proves otherwise.

For once the liars finally used their brains and told the police what they know without holding information. Hanna took a blood sample of his to prove his DNA; smart cookie. Jenna was seen speaking on the phone with Noel, wondering about his whereabouts, just as Mona spied on the conversation. Hanna made a phone call to Mona requesting her assistance. Mona retrieved the flash drive containing video of Noel’s involvement with Charlotte and the torture of the liars inside the dollhouse. Hanna’s decision to hold Noel captive I fear would cause a ripple effect that won’t be good.

Ali’s jealous side when she realized that Paige might be trying to get close to Emily. Mona coached Hanna on giving a perfect confession to the police, and it worked perfectly. Too bad Noel just awoke and Jenna was up to no good as usual. Mona decided to make a deal with Jenna to stop harassing the liars to ensure her freedom. A bunch of bickering led to a love making session between Caleb and Hanna.

First bombshell of the night! Alison revealed to Emily that she is pregnant, and of course Elliott is the father of the baby! This finale seemed more geared to romance as Marco and Spencer got closer, as did Emily and Ali, Caleb and Hanna, but Aria got news that shattered her life when she witnessed video of Nicole reuniting with Ezra. So much for the happily ever-after, sad tears people! Spencer and Toby had a conversation where they bid adieu, but not before they shared one final kiss, that seemed to showcase, all is not over between ‘Spoby.’

Emily found herself awoke by Paige who was arguing with a police officer, and its apparent that Paige still has a grudge against Ali, which raised the question of rather Ali is really pregnant or just using Emily. Hanna realized that Noel is not Mary Drake’s child. Told you so! Hanna alerted the rest of the girls to acknowledge that Noel is not Mary Drake’s second child. She confessed she left Noel tied up to a chair in an old motel room.

Ladies you’re walking into a trap by confronting Noel, and with the authorities watching their every move, they decided to splinter at night and used a recording devise as a distraction. Too bad, when they arrived, Noel was missing and they received a text requesting the flash drive for Hanna’s video camera. I’ll be honest the last 15 minutes of the episode, were the best part of the finale, and shocks and surprises came a mile a minute. Mona and Caleb had a stakeout as they kept an eye out for Jenna; however, it was Sydney who hoodwinked the duo. Jenna is no idiot people. The liars found themselves in a dilapidated building where Mary Drake was also there. Jenna revealed over the speaker that she still had a grudge against the liars for causing her eyesight to be taken from here. The liars investigated the rundown building and came face-to-face with a room full of baby dolls, it was apparent the place had significance as it was connected to child rearing.

Of course Emily would leave her phone, which caused the ladies to be divided and Noel made it clear they weren’t leaving because they knew too much. Hanna and Emily played hide-and-seek, as Spencer, Aria and Ali were surprised to come face-to-face with Jenna, with gun in tow. Jenna wanted blood and Alison was her target and when the lights went out, things got even crazier.

Noel had an axe in his hand and Jenna had a gun, man this episode is crazy. Emily put up one hell of a fight knocking Noel out cold, where his HEAD was chopped off by the axe he had in his possession. Spencer, Aria and Ali were in complete shock. Jenna corned the liars, but got locked inside the house and it became clear Spencer was shot by someone, I thought it was Jenna, but not so certain now.

Is a liar about to die? No, because Mary came to the rescue by knocking Jenna out cold, before she was carried away by someone dressed in black. Mary was by Spencer’s side as she sang a lullaby before stunning everyone including me with the revelation that Spencer is her DAUGHER! Ok, this is just crazy. Charlotte and Spencer are sisters, and Ali and Spencer are cousins! The episode concluded with Toby and Yvonne getting into a car accident (and their lives waiting in the wings) just as Jenna found herself being captured by A.D. whose face has still not yet been revealed, even though he or she took off their mask.

The final moments saw A.D. with dolls of all the liars, and unfortunately placed a doll of Spencer into a casket, but it looks like Spencer is not dead yet. We have only 10 episodes before the end of “PLL” people. We’ll have to wait till April 2017 which is a bit longer than usual for us fans. Until April 2017 “PLL” fanatics, it is the beginning of the end! Who do you think is the big baddie, my money is on LUCAS!