HOLLYWOOD—Last week fans of “Pretty Little Liars” were dealt a shocking death as Dr. Elliott Rollins met his maker courtesy of a vehicle driven by the liars. In ‘Hit And Run, Run, Run,’ the liars were in complete shock with Elliott’s untimely death. The ladies covered up a murder once before, so this shouldn’t be anything new. Emily was cracking, just as Spencer and Aria did their best to cover their tracks. Too bad Hanna and Ali were in such a shock, they were unable to help the liars.

Well, Hanna did garner enough courage to help bury Elliott, as Aria was ready to go to the police, but Spencer and Emily were adamant about not involving the authorities. Ali shook out of her fragile state to retrieve Elliott’s ID badge to help the liars get her back into Webley. Hanna was fracturing, just as the ladies did their best to put on a happy face.

While cleaning the mud up off the floor, Spencer and Hanna were startled by Caleb’s appearance. Hanna listened as Caleb professed his feelings for Spencer. God, this had to be the most uncomfortable moment in the episode. Spencer dealing with her feelings, while watching Hanna hear Caleb confess his true feelings, while Caleb revealed his ‘truth,’ was brutal “PLL” fans! Aria did her best to sneak Ali back into Webley without getting caught, but Ali went MIA, and Aria had to persuade her pal to go back to her room to ensure the plan goes accordingly.

Spencer got drunk as she discussed relationship issues with Emily. Pretty bitter Spencer! Spencer was in for a shock, as she came face-to-face with the newest detective in town Marco, who ordered her a drink. Hmm, a new relationship could be in the works people. Ali confessed to Aria that she did not kill Charlotte, which resulted in a flashback that revealed Ali followed Charlotte to the church, as the two had a fight about Ali’s hook-up with Elliott. There was a third party in the church who was watching Ali and Charlotte. Looks, like a female, but I can’t be 100 percent that is true. Aria was torn about putting that mask on Alison to prove that Elliott was indeed a wicked soul. Hanna and Aria were stunned to come back to the scene of the crime and find the car MISSING!

Marco and Spencer really got to know each other better in the elevator. Things were getting quite steamy, but Spencer was able to pump the brakes on things before she did something she regretted. Hanna and Aria flipped when they realized someone stole the car and were well aware that Rollins was killed. To their surprise that person was Mona! Good ole, Mona, she always turns up when you least expect it. Mona divulged to Aria and Hanna that she had been trailing Rollins, and she covered up all the tracks that the liars forgot about. The liars were stunned when Mona revealed Rollins had a burner phone, just as Emily took care of a very drunken Spencer.

Back at the hotel, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Mona were stunned to see Jenna stroll into the building after being away from Rosewood for such a long time. That raised the suspicion that perhaps Mary Drake is not Elliott’s accomplice, maybe, just maybe it’s the liars most notorious foe, Jenna. The ladies traded spars with Jenna, who announced she was back in town for Toby’s wedding, hmm, I think there is more to the story, as Toby was stunned to see his ‘sister’ back in town unexpectedly.

So what happened between these two 3 years ago, that left Toby quite annoyed with her presence? Hanna confessed to Mona that she was happy that Elliott was dead. She revealed that she broke things off with Jordan. Hanna revealed that her bracelet is missing, and Mona made it crystal clear that no ONE would find her gold bracelet.

Emily and Aria were stunned to find the Rosewood PD at Webley, as he divulged some details about Elliott that stunned the liars. He revealed that ‘Elliott Rollins’ has been dead for over 15 years. So Ali’s husband was a complete fraud, and he divulged that Elliott has gone missing. Spencer was taken for a loop when she returned home to realize that Caleb had moved out. Back at the hospital, Ali was stunned to come face-to-face with Mary, who she still has no idea is her mother’s twin sister.

The final moments of the episode saw Mona and Hanna breaking into Elliott’s car, where she located her gold bracelet, but both ladies were stunned to discover a ringing phone under the car seat, and guess who was on the other end, JENNA! The return of Jenna is indeed causing more chaos than I expected. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!