HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Scream” ended on brutal note with the killer slicing off the hand of Seth Branson, before burning the limb with a steaming hot iron. This week’s episode, ‘Let The Right One In,’ saw Brooke and Emma being led into a trap by the killer. Eli proved to the audience yet again, he is indeed one creepy human being as he watched what I’d like to presume to be his parents sleeping?

Emma and Maggie were stunned to see Sheriff Miguel show up to their home questioning those emails that were sent to Kevin via her computer. It became clear that Maggie is in the dark that her daughter is being stalked by the killer. Emma revealed that she saw a man at a farm who had a bunch of pictures of Emma as a child. Audrey and Noah chatted about her revelation involving Piper. Audrey was adamant that she would not tell Emma the truth about her connection to Piper.

Noah had a run-in with Zoe who set-up a study date! Hmm, these two are getting cozy, but she seems annoyed by Audrey’s presence. Noah is such a geek. Kieran seems to continue to dig his grave regarding his relationship with Emma. Brooke appeared shaken and confessed to Audrey that she slightly tortured Seth Branson. These two should be careful, because I think they’re being led into a trap courtesy of this nefarious new killer. Miguel searched the farm where he retrieved a picture that left him quite unnerved; looks like Emma is the picture with a man who was wearing some sort of mask.

Eli started to reveal some details to Emma about Kieran and his past, which caught Emma’s attention. Hmm, Noah caught Zoe in a lie. Why in the world would she lie about something like that? It looks like she may have attempted suicide. Audrey and Brooke arrived at Seth’s room to find the place quite pristine. That means the killer took the body.  Too bad Audrey and Brooke didn’t see the camera in the room that was recording them. Audrey called Noah yet again, but this time Zoe ignored the call, as she and Noah shared a steamy kiss. Ms. Lang attempted to apologize to Emma, but the audience is well aware that Ms. Lang had her own intentions.

Kieran got a bit jealous watching Emma and Eli get close, just as it was revealed Ms. Lang had been secretly recording conversations with Emma and other members of Lakewood. Noah planned to get lucky with Zoe, just as he ignored another call from Audrey. Brooke and Audrey have no idea how much danger they are putting themselves into. Audrey was unnerved as she got a text from the killer warning her that if she didn’t come to the school alone, he’d text Brooke the video of her with Jake’s body.

Ms. Lang was interrupted in her recordings when she heard strange sounds, just as she received a call from the killer making threats about the whereabouts of Seth Branson. Leaving that office was a bad mistake, because it allowed the killer to sneak into her office, where all of her files and recordings were trashed. She put up one hell of a fight against the killer, as the villain finished off Seth. After a tense chase and battle with the killer, Ms. Lang met a bloody demise when she was tossed over the staircase. Brooke and Audrey arrived to the school, and Audrey made it clear that she’d check things out before allowing her pal Brooke to be ambushed. Audrey and Brooke were stunned to see Ms. Lang who looked dead, but was still breathing. Zoe distracted Noah, as she listened to Audrey’s confession and sent a copy via email to herself. Hmm, this girl is up to no good Noah.

Audrey interrupted Noah just as he was about to lose his virginity to Zoe, and when she broke the news to her pal that Seth is dead and Ms. Lang was severely injured by the killer he was stunned.  Eli took Emma on a bit of a field trip back to what looks to be his old home (that audiences got a tease of in the beginning of the episode). Things got real interesting as the bodies of two people were upstairs in the bathroom. Audrey confessed to Noah that it looks like the killer was trying to set-up her up, but the janitor interrupted their plans.

Miguel showed Maggie a picture that resonated with her. Maggie you’re keeping another secret and it’s apparent that Emma is at the root of this chaos yet again. As Eli and Emma discussed Kieran, the killer snuck around the home and Eli went in for the kiss, but Emma rejected him. A fire was started that left Eli and Emma trapped in the house, but they managed to escape via the garage. Eli begged Emma to just walk away from the fire, as he has a history with the cops. The final moments of the episode resulted with one of those bodies in the tub not being so dead after all as the flames closed in on him. Looks like one of the Lakewood Six could be a goner next week people. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics!