HOLLYWOOD—So the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” introduced the new loves in the liars and their friends’ lives, just as the mystery revolving Charlotte’s death intensified in ‘New Guys, New Lies.’ Well, well, Spencer and Caleb did the dirty deed and now the news will have to be broken to Hanna. Good luck with that conversation Spence, it may not go as you plan. Her happiness was short-lived when she discovered the threats are back. The ladies met for breakfast to discuss who the new enemy could be, and the perpetrator was none too shy to throw out multiple threats.

Hanna called the bluff of their new tormentor and discovered that the liars are AWARE of their nemesis’ identity, in other words, it’s not a stranger. To make matters worse, Alison has gone MIA, hmm, could she be returning to her dark side? I wouldn’t be too surprised to say the least. Aria was surprised to see her dad checking into Radley hotel, just as an image from our new villain closed in on the murder weapon: a golf club. Start making predictions as to who the guilty party could be. Is our enemy someone who killed Charlotte or someone who wants to avenge her?

Spencer got the goods on her mother’s opponent, Yvonne Philips, who just so happens to be Toby’s new gal pal. I fear that Spenleb are moving a bit too fast if you ask me. Hanna and Emily talked about the latest developments involving Spencer and Caleb. Emily was surprised with the news, and Hanna seems OK, but give it time people, give it time. Looks like Caleb knows Yvonne quite well, which might not bode well for Spencer. Wait, is Toby ok with his pal sleeping with his former girl, of course not, especially because Caleb has yet to spill the beans to him!

Aria started to flip out with the possibility that Ezra who happens to be out of town (how convenient) could be capable of murder, but the tale deepens because her father Bryon seems to know more about Charlotte’s death than he is willing to let on. Once again, the parent with the most secrets finds himself in the spotlight, and Aria is eagerly concerned just what her father and Ezra might now that they don’t want the rest of the world to know.

Spencer and Caleb started their investigation to figure out precisely who is responsible for the latest string of threats. Our fierce one was forced to come face-to-face with Toby and Yvonne. It’s amazing that Spencer’s nemesis is the person dating her former flame? Looks like Toby is engaged to his new lady love and Spencer is none too happy to say the least.

Aria questioned her father’s antics, and a flashback revealed that Mrs. Montgomery went to go see “A” and Bryon was none too pleases to say the least. It looks like Byron could be culpable or have more information about Charlotte’s death than he wants to share. Aria and Emily began to question that it was quite possible that Byron murdered “A.” Hanna met with her attorney, just as Jordan stood by her side making it clear that he had no intention to abandon her in her time of need. Per usual, secrets were still being kept, oh Hanna, when will you learn.

Spoby seemed like forever, and has become a bit of a thorn in Toby’s desire to move on. Spencer found herself publicly speaking with the woman that has claimed her ex’s heart about the importance of young voters letting their voices be heard. It was the perfect distraction for Hanna, Aria, Caleb and Emily to distract Ashley from discovering precisely what they were up to.

The liars began to question if Alison is now involved in the new “A” game that has emerged. I was just dying to see Spencer unleash her claws into Toby’s new gal pal, and Toby seemed worried that his former flame might cause disruptions if she stayed in town.

Aria received a call from the tormentor, just as a very suspicious looking doorman walked right past the liars. They later got into a vehicle and pulled off their fake mask. Looks like deception is still a game well played by our newest enemy! Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!