HOLLYWOOD—Well I was wondering when we’d see Jason DiLaurentis back in Rosewood, after what seemed like over a year, Alison’s brother finally returned to check on the psyche of his sister in the latest episode, ‘Original G’A’angsters.’ The episode opened with the liars discussing Aria’s engagement and how their friendship and bonds make them stronger.

Ali was stunned to see a message from A.D. that read: “Roses are red, violets are blue. You killed Elliott and I could have killed you.” Gosh, who the hell is this new enemy? When the liars spotted the authorities in the hotel they panicked. They rushed upstairs to check out the ruckus and learned that Sara Harvey was murdered. Jenna appeared to be an emotional mess, but I wonder if that is a complete act. Emily warned the ladies that Sara warned her they should not be afraid of Sara, but another mystery fiend.

Spencer chatted Toby’s ear to find out why Jenna returned to Rosewood, and a flashback revealed that Toby and Jenna spend some time together on a vacation to repair their fractured relationship, but she went in for a kiss. Mary and Alison were doing repairs to the house after Ali’s attack, but were surprised to see Jason return home.

Happy reunion people! Too bad Jason was not as welcoming to Mary, and served her with a court order to protect his little sister. Where the hell have you been all this time? Ali unleashed a bit of anger on her brother for being MIA for such a long time. Hanna broke into Jenna’s hotel room looking for evidence, but found herself caught red-handed by Caleb who followed her.

Aria was busy making wedding plans, just as Emily was stunned to see Noel Kahn back in Rosewood. Ok, what Jason is still pawing after Aria? Nope, he’s concerned about Ali’s mental state. Surprise, Jenna got a massage courtesy of Caleb who planned to get information out of her. Hanna and Spencer broke into Jenna’s safe box and took pics, but another fiend broke into the room. The girls were stunned to see that burned file on Mary Drake be placed back into the safe box, and realized it was Noel Kahn. He threw a bit of a violent fit.

Looks like there is more information on Mary Drake and her file than the liars suspected, and it looks like this woman may not be who we think she is. Mary, Ali and Jason’s conversation was interrupted with the arrival of Aria who hoped to ease some of the tension. Spencer checked in on Yvonne, just as Toby arrived, and he noted that that file on Mary was missing from Yvonne’s things. She urged her former flame to get out of Rosewood ASAP.

Aria and Jason attempted to reason with Ali about just what Mary is actually up to. Hmm, is Jason onto something? Could Mary actually be Jessica and Mary is the one who was killed? Mary acknowledged that she saw Jason when he came to visit their Aunt Carol’s home. Mary wanted to know what happened to Charlotte, but it seems like Jessica was the evil twin, not Mary. Ali pointed out the storm cellar, which caused our nefarious liar to deliver a crucial clue. What is hidden in that cellar and what don’t Mary and Jessica want us to know?

Aria is eloping, just as Caleb and Hanna saw what was on that file about Mary Drake. Hanna spoke a bit of truth revealing her engagement with Jordan is over! Toby revealed the house he was building was for Spencer, not Yvonne. Kind of brutal, as it became apparent that Toby was letting Spencer know that there was no chance for them and that he was leaving Rosewood. Sad tears, sad tears, Spoby fans!

Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali broke into Aunt Carol’s shed and discovered files on all of them. What the hell? MARY HAD A SECOND CHILD! Oh, this is quite good and very juicy. Charlotte’s unknown brother or sister could be a male or female who would be the same age as the liars. Who could it be PLL fanatics? Noel, Jenna, Aria (who didn’t have a file) in that storage cabinet, that’s interesting people!

Ezra and Aria’s engagement could be in danger as its possible Nicole might be alive. Jessica had a ton of photos of Alison, so it appears Jessica had a secret lair and was searching for Ali for quite some time. The liars found themselves caught red-handed by the enemy as the car alarm went off. That means the culprit knows they are onto them. The liars were locked in the vehicle as they suspect a possible bomb. However, it was actually a threat from A.D. “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.” What’s worse all that evidence the girls just found in Jessica’s secret lair was destroyed.

The culprit wrote on the back of the car window “I See You,” as the liars sat in the car. That is bold people. The final moments saw A.D. pull out files on Aria and Noel, there were once again drinking scotch. That is a vital clue and I suspect it’s a GUY people. I’m placing my money right now on LUCAS! Gosh, I can’t wait till the summer finale. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!